Daisy Chain Purse

As you can see, I finished my purse yesterday! So here’s the finished result. I tried so hard to get the print on the flap lined up with the rest of the bag… oh well. But clockwise frm the top, you can see the finished bag, the inside (already loaded with my stuff), the cell phone pocket, and the book pocket in the front.

Here’s my Pattern Review:

Pattern: The “Bellagio” bag from Studio Kat Designs

Pattern Description: Purse with external pockets and flap variations.

Pattern Sizing: one size

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow? They were a bit confusing for me in some parts– I couldn’t make sense of their method for attaching the bias tape at all and ended up just making up my own technique.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
Like: The shape, the basic style, the functionality of the pockets, the cable tie supports– it feels like it’ll be sturdy for awhile.

Dislike: There’s way too many layers. My machine flat-out refused to sew the top of the sides onto the front/back, and I ended up having to fudge my way through it with hand-sewn upholstery thread stitches. I managed everywhere else on the bag with the help of a denim needle– it was just too much with the 2 layers each of fabric/lining/batting, and multiple layers of bias tape on the edges of each. Also, as I mentioned, I found the instructions for applying the bias tape to be a bit confusing.

Fabric Used: An Amy Butler cotton (from the “Daisy Chain” line, I believe), a hand-dyed muslin for the lining, and purchased bias tape.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:I like bigger purses so I have room to carry a book, so I enlarged the overall bag by a couple of inches. Also ended up having to piece the bottom together because I mismeasured. I also covered the webbing for the strap with the outer fabric.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I’m undecided. As I said, I liked the shape, and the size (with my resizing) is pretty much perfect for all of my essentials. I’m also a big fan of the outer cell phone pocket–perfect size! But with having to edge every single piece with the bias tape, plus the thickness issues, the construction was kind of a pain. If I make this again, I’ll probably keep the same size/shape and see if I can figure out a different method of construction.

Conclusion: The end result is nice, but it may take quite a bit of work to get there. Consider yourselves warned.

Took it out for its first test run today, and it really is just about the perfect size for my essentials. (Yes, a book is essential. I guess I just won’t be reading any very thick ones in here!)

Other progress for today: Made a dent in the BWOF blouse– a pretty good one. I probably could have finished today, except there’s no buttons in the house that I like with it. Also realized that I probably should get some new jeans for work– a couple of the pairs I wore last season for it have significant holes in them ATM. So I went to the thrift store and found 3 pairs that fit!! And some books. And some cds. Heh, heh.


8 thoughts on “Daisy Chain Purse

  1. I like your Daisey Chain Purse. The size, pockets, and the fabric are great. I know that it was a lot of work, but you did a great job. I know that you’ve already been nominated, but I do want to share the sisterhood award with you. I enjoy your blog.


  2. That came out great! I’ve been wanting to make a bag for a while now. I even have the pattern traced out! After seeing yours, I should really give it a try soon.


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