Got two things on Saturday that I was very excited about.
The book was one I picked up to get enough on a recent order to get the free shipping–figured it might help me with some of the stuff I’ve been having trouble with to get a really good finished look, like getting jackets in linings and such. I’m actually excited to try some of the hand-sewing stitches in here!

And I was quite excited to FINALLY start getting my BWOF subscription!

I’m still sorry that I missed February’s hippie-clothes feature, but I really liked some of the clothes in this issue, so I’m going to post links. (Skipping the menswear, kid’s clothes and plus sizes, since it’s highly unlikely I’ll be sewing any of those any time soon.)

1. I’m really not sure how to define my style– I haven’t boiled it down to one or two words or a phrase yet. But one of the things I’ve liked for a long time are vintage-looking jackets– there were a couple my mom made in the 70s that I used to wear all the time, and this one I got from the thrift store in 8th grade that I looooooved–it was black velveteen with covered buttons and patch pockets, and I wore it all the way up until sometime in college when the back finally split open. I guess the fabric rotted, because I hadn’t really changed sizes (and it had always been just a tiny bit too small for me anyway, but I loved it too much to get rid of it.) But this jacket reminds me very much of that one–my jacket’s pockets didn’t have flaps, but they were that same rounded shape.

2. I think this dress is just adorable. I probably won’t ever sew it, because it’s only offered in petite sizes. (Nicole, if you’re reading this, this is SO you–it looks very swing-danceable!)

3. I. Want. This. Blouse. When flipping through the preview online, this was the one thing that really made me hope that my subscription would start this month! I guess if I had to boil my style down to a couple of words, it would probably be something like “Boho-buisness-casual”– I like some more tailored-looking things, like the aforementioned vintagey jackets and pants that actually fit me. And I have to wear some stuff like that for work. But I love stuff that looks hippie and/or medieval fantasy movie-inspired, and I still love my jeans and fitted t-shirts! Anyway, the point of that ramble was that the drawstring neck on this really combines that whole hippie-medieval and tailored look, as far as I’m concerned. I’m actually going to attempt this one as a reconstruction– took one of my men’s shirts from the last thrift store run (the blue one) and tore it to pieces last night. I’m going to try it as the shorter version, so I’m hoping that allows me enough fabric… I may need to fudge it a bit with the collar.

4. I’m trying to decide if I like or hate this skirt. The pockets interest me, but between the boring basic grey and the pleats, it might be a little too high school uniform for me. Maybe I’ll stick with the pencil skirt version.

5. I’m loving this knit tunic–it’s got such a mod 60’s feel to it, with that neck piece. But it pretty much demands to be made out of a really good graphic print, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for one (pretty sure nothing in my stash would quite work.)

6. This dress is so pretty, though I would never make it in pink. But I don’t think I could pull it off–it looks like it would be way too low-cut for my comfort.

7. So if I ever get an urge for a trench coat the next time I watch Casablanca, I’m covered.

Speaking of Burda patterns, I’m feeling quite happy with today’s new BurdaStyle pattern. It’s been awhile, sadly, since one of theirs really jumped out at me– the last two weeks have been just variation how-tos on previous patterns, and while I appreciate the restyling tips for versatility, a couple weeks of that in a row were just disappointing. And then before that it was either accessories that I could easily figure out on my own, stuff for Valentine’s day (yuck), or men’s clothes, which I have no reason to sew– I don’t think my brother would like any of their stuff, and the styling is a bit young for my dad. But this fits into the vintagey jacket love very well, and also looks very Anthropologie to me, which I also like.

So I guess I should actually say something about what I’ve been doing, besides drooling over these patterns, huh? Well, I spent nearly all afternoon and evening on Saturday sewing a purse and watching movies. I was hoping to finish the purse, but the bias tape edging took forever to do. And then I only got one side sewn on yesterday afternoon, because I was away from home too much. That, and while I think I’ll like the final look of the bag, I’m really not liking how it’s constructed–too many layers of fabric/batting/bias tape makes my machine very unhappy, and having to hand-sew the tops of it together with upholstery thread and using the machine table to help me shove the needle through all of the layers without stabbing myself makes me unhappy. And, as mentioned, I tore up a shirt in hopes that it will cooperate and I can try out that BWOF blouse without spending any money on it or using up stash stuff I might actually want to wear! But I don’t think I’ll get any of that sewing done today… despite having a snow day from my teaching, I still have about half the work left to do on some serious cleaning that needs to get done so I can beat down my recent allergy attacks. Yes, this is craft-related, since the headaches have been keeping me from sewing!


5 thoughts on “Goodies!!!

  1. I love that pink dress pattern. It’s gorgeous and floaty and feminine. The pencil skirl pattern is really pretty too. I do like the pleated skirt, but the color is a little blah, and I think it could be just a tad shorter. If it were made in a brighter color, or white, it would lose the school girl uniform look.I love the trench coat pattern. I was considering making a trench coat over my spring break, and someone on Burda Style pointed me to that pattern. However,I don’t think I’m up for buying the issue of the magazine now, and they had the nicest pattern out there. I’ll save the trench coat for another time.What does a subscription to BWOF go for? It looks like a nice investment.


  2. That is a bit pricey. My bookstores don’t have copies of it either. Maybe if I went to a more “upscale” shopping mall. Perhaps next time I’m in NYC I’ll stop in one of the bookstores and check out the magazine section. =)I’ve found my spring break project. It’s a long white skirt that I plan to copy. There’s more about it on my blog.


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