Progress and Procrastination

Seeing as how I’ve spent much of the weekend watching Jane Austen movies (finishing Pride & Prejudice now, and watched Sense & Sensibility this afternoon as well), figured the alliteration was appropriate!

So here’s my update for the weekend.
Friday, Progress: Got the zipper sewed into my skirt, and I must say I did a rather good job this time! I really do think that hand-basting the zipper in first makes a world of difference, as I’ve discovered the last couple of times I’ve done a non-invisible zipper. Also got the facings sewn in.
Friday, Procrastination: I still have to sew the facings down to the zipper, edge-finish the slits, and hem it. Which I haven’t done yet.

Saturday, Progress: I have 4 scrapbook albums I need to cover, and started on one of them– got the fabric cut out (and actually measured it this time, because I figured I’ve been doing this long enough that I just need a consistent number!) and started gluing it onto one side. I also started sewing together my purse for spring and summer– got the pockets sewn on, I have all the lining/batting/outside pieces basted together, and I’m working on getting the sides/bottom on. Discovered that when enlarging the pattern, I didn’t elongate the single-piece side/bottom enough, and did some slicing and dicing to remedy that.
Saturday, Procrastination: In my defense, both of these are not my fault. I did not finish gluing the fabric onto the album, because that’s when Nicole got here to use my serger/hang out. So I started working on the purse then instead. (I knew I wouldn’t need a serger for that one, so it seemed like the perfect project to to work on for that– thus the skirt procrastination.) And I did not get any further in the purse, because that’s when my friends decided to kidnap me (literally– they used a blindfold and water guns) and make me go out to dinner and eat chocolatey desserts and celebrate my impending birthday. Aren’t they so mean? (Seriously… I have the best friends in the world.)

Sunday, Progress: I did not continue either of these sewing or gluing projects today, because I’m not feeling well. (No, that is not an indication of what I was doing with my friends last night. I’m just kind of sick.) So since I’m less nauseous and lightheaded when I’m staying still, I decided to forgo the sewing in favor of the earrings for Susannah’s wedding that I’ve been procrastinating on. Which I then had to put aside when Susannah actually called– today was the last day we were getting together to work on her wedding ensemble. So while Joy worked on the bustle, I pinned and sewed a ribbon around the edge of her veil. So my part in that is done. Also, I did spend some time today on Pattern Review looking up information about the patterns for my mini-wardrobe that I haven’t used yet. Particularly on the jeans, since I’ve decided I’m going to make them first. (Particularly since I can use them the soonest– I’m basically down to 3 pairs of jeans that somewhat fit and aren’t too torn up to wear, and out of those, one is faded to be lighter than I’d like and gaps in the back, one fits almost perfectly but the legs are too short for me, and the third really gaps in the back and is in all honesty a bit too big for me, but I loved the back pocket embroidery too much to pass them up.) So I’m thinking that I’m going to go in this order: Jeans, short-sleeved peasant-style top, long skirt, first sleeveless top, second sleeveless top and long dress (these two are in the same fabric so I’d prefer to cut them both out at once), shorts. I think I’m going to have to make muslins for some of them, too–definitely the jeans, and I already got the fabric for that, and the shorts, and at least the top of the dress (the pattern reviews seem to indicate that there’s some major issues with fitting the back.) I’ve used patterns #2 and 3 before, and I think I’ll be ok to wing it on the others and adjust as I go, but I just don’t trust pant-type things to fit without testing.
Sunday, Procrastination: Which is actually future procrastination. These earrings are kind of a 3-step thing, and I’m one earring away from being done step 1. But once I finish that last bit, I’m just going to put it away for the rest of the night and veg out in front of the tv/computer. The dizzy headache just requires minimal concentration, I think. Off to do that.

2 thoughts on “Progress and Procrastination

  1. That’s a creative alliteration. At least there is progress with the “procrastination”. Ahh-another work-on-many different things at one time! It is great when they all get done!! Oh yes: I bought my sweater knit at


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