Weekend Scrapbook pictures!!

Post #2 today… I think I can safely say that this post leaves “picture-heavy” way behind in the dust. You’ve been warned. And sorry for the weird light-splotches… since I’m trying to photograph 24 inches across all at once and not have to take everything out of the plastic page protectors, I haven’t figured out yet how to avoid those. Other than turn off the light. And I don’t think my camera likes that because then things get blurry. Anyway. All of these were made over the weekend, but it’s going from most recent to oldest time-wise because Blogger uploaded them with the newest on top. And these aren’t all the pages I made over the weekend, but they’re the ones I like best.

#1: A round-up of random stuff from last December. No pics, very simple, but the pocket holds everything in nicely.

#2: A combination page of a couple pics from my VA Beach trip in the fall, and goofy pictures that my friend and I took on the way back. I hope the text is ok to read in the actual book, because I printed it on the actual patterned paper. But I like the combination of the really subtle textured-print paper (a picture of asphalt) and the retro-looking paper on the sides.

#3: The concert from VA Beach. The paper totally makes this page– I admit I bought the stack pretty much just for this paper. Since cameras weren’t allowed, I ended up taking all the pics on this page with my cell phone, which meant all the ones of the stage were blurry and pixellated….so I had to get creative.

Enter the collage. Cut the guitar off this page with my xacto knife, traced the outline onto a piece of cardstock, trimmed down and filled in the outline with that, and absolutely love the results.

And then I used the guitar on the other side to write the set-list on…with 3 bands (4, really, but I knew nothing from the second group and wouldn’t be able to figure out what was what if I tried), it was a long one! (Can you tell I was really excited about this page?)

#4 (which got partiallly cut off, but you get the idea)– the actual beach day from that trip.

#5/6: Both from last May’s backpacking trip. I basically made them both with the same system– tearing strips and layering with 2 pieces of patterned paper on the cardstock. And I printed the writing (since I actually brought paper to write stuff down while I was on the trail) on that vellum-type paper and layered it over the more landscapish-type pictures. Really happy with how that turned out, since you can still see the pics (attached it with brads so it can be lifted up to see the pic alone) and I got the space for the writing.

#7: Julie’s bridal shower, from last May. The patterned paper ended up being a bit overwhelming in large quantities, so I had to just limit it to a couple strips. And then I wrote stuff on the big flowers.

#8: From last March, when Nicole and I were hanging out before getting together with some of my other friends to celebrate my birthday. Another one that the paper totally makes, so I just added a bit of the teal and stuck the pics directly on it.

#9: A single-girls’ party from last February. More of that vellum paper and 2 patterned papers, and that’s it. (And btw, that chocolate cake on the left side was delicious!!)

#10: Last winter’s snowshoeing trip. Yes, more layering of patterned papers. I’m kind of into that right now, I guess.

#11: A thrift-store run from last Winter. Yeah, I made the flowers. More on that some other time.

That concludes 2008’s features for now… still have a LOT to finish on that book.

#12: A bunch of random stuff from last fall. The layout itself is pretty simple, but I’m kind of liking the way I had to stick the pictures on the right side higher than the edge of the pocket– gives a nice layered effect.

#13: The second of that year’s Halloween parties. Which, again, is automatically cool due to the coolness of the paper on the right side. (And for the record, that bottle was iced tea.)

#14: The second of the two pages I made from that year’s Ren Faire (the last time I went, since the weather was uncooperative last year, sigh!) The patterned paper was two-sided and I wanted to use both. So more layering. And stitched it down with the sewing machine just because I could.

#15: Another page of random stuff, from Dec 2006-Feb. 2007. All the paper except for the white background was scraps, haha!

#16: From the first time I met my high school best friend’s first child. Sometimes simple and easy is good.

And finally…

#17, which dates all the way back to grad school! Another random seasonal roundup, which I had no pictures from that weren’t on other pages, so I just had to use extra-fun retro paper. And no, I didn’t glue the tags on crooked… they’re dangling from wires and arent’ really hanging straight in there yet.

So, yeah… since then I’ve made reeeeeeeeeeeally simple opening-closing pages for the two grad school-era books…which basically consisted of just writing on a piece of paper, like this:

I don’t have anything on the last page of this one, just the funky music paper shoved rather unceremoniously in the page protector. The second book is basically the same thing, except I did have a random picture from graduation that didn’t make it on the main page, so I stuck that on with a favorite song lyric quote that fit the situation. Which means that, nearly 4 years after finishing, these two scrapbooks are finally done! (Except I do still have to print out one page of text and stick it in the already-finished pockets. I really need to just do that!)


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