Friday Favorites, Episode 39

…which will hopefully be the first of a couple posts today. I have some catching up to do!!! So on with the show.

Everything in its place….

Got two from Whip Up today… the first is a tutorial for a quick & easy shoe bag, which I think they’re using for travel packing purposes. If my closet wasn’t the size of a shoebox, I think I’d try to find a way to tack them to the walls so I can get some floor space back! (I might try anyway.) The second is a tutorial for a reusable snack bag, for those tired of tossing out plastic ziploc bags every time they want to bring something crunchy with their lunches. (And more fun, too!) And from Crafting a Green World, they showed this laptop pillow that looks like it would be pretty easy to replicate with some tube-style pillows velcroed together. Of course, around here, it would probably get used as a temporary holding pen for the cat!!

Around the house…

Lots of fun decorating ideas this time. For those without on-demand cable to turn it onto the virtual aquarium, Apartment Therapy Unplugged shows how to turn an old tv into an actual aquarium. Heehee. I’m absolutely loving this faux capiz shell lampshade from Craftynest, which is made from laminated rice paper, and if I could actually manage to clear a spot big enough to set it on, would so make this for my bedroom. It would fit in perfectly. On ReadyMade, there’s a tutorial for this funky bubble light fixture. And on a completely random note, if anyone ever wanted an 8-foot pillow shaped like a giant squid, PW Style is the place to find directions for that (found courtesy of One Pretty Thing‘s Daily DIY roundup.)

Things to Wear and Do…

At The Impatient Crafter (also found courtesy of One Pretty Thing), there’s a free project from a new bead book of some really fun-looking cascade earrings. I definitely have some of those little cone things to use up, so I’m excited to try these sometime! (I’m also liking yesterday’s “Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright” Choker, and think I’m going to have to start following this blog.) And while not actually something to wear, this CraftStylish tutorial for how to do 4 different seam finishes will definitely help with things to wear. I especially want to try that Hong Kong seam finish, because I’ve never used that one and I think it’ll be perfect for one of my (hopefully) upcoming projects.

Random but Awesome

A bunch of non-tutorialish crafty goodness this week. First of all, this tissue box at Disdressed just made me laugh. Especially since I’ve been quasi-sick all week. Confessions of a Craft Addict used one of those giant cupcake cake pans to make a ginormous rice krispy treat. Craft Tutorials had a knitted dress that cracked me up– I wouldn’t want to dress like a cheeseburger, but if I did, this would be the way to go. I have to give a shoutout to Lydia, who posted this week to say she finished sewing together her baby bag— believe it or not, other than a few baby bibs, this was her first major sewing project, and I think it looks great! And I also have to give a shoutout to my friend Nicole–she’s an amazingly talented artist and a good friend of mine, and she just started a blog for her artwork this week. So go check it out!

Ok, gotta get some stuff done so I can post again… I’m hoping I can get stuff up today both for those scrapbook layouts I promised, and my long-overdue embroidered shirt. And then I also started a new skirt yesterday and I’d like to work on that some more too!

EDIT: I almost forgot!! I’ve been following Cake Wrecks since a friend sent me a link to their V-day disaster cakes (which I posted about in FF last week.) Apparently once a week they do a feature devoted to cakes that are actually good, and this week’s was by the Ace of Cakes crew. Their stuff is always amazing anyway (yes, I admit I watch the show when I can catch it), but this one was just made of awesome. It was made for the crew of Lost to celebrate their hundredth episode. And has tons of fun little tributes to the show– the computer with The Numbers, the Dharma beer, little figures of the cast (mmm, Sawyer…)


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, Episode 39

  1. your awesome, becky! thanks for the props! i have to say, you're one of the ones who's encouraged me in sewing!!! 🙂 (finally saw this post, know it's late, but had to comment!:)


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