Friday Favorites, Episode 38

You may (or may not) have noticed that I didn’t post anything for this last Friday…it rolled around and I realized that due to my avoidance of a certain holiday that shall not be named left me with not very much to share (and apparently no one makes Singles Awareness Day crafts out there in blogland, at least not that I saw.) So I just took the week off. But now I have a good number of things, so here goes!

(And since I apparently have a habit of being completely inconsistent in how I present these, I’m just going to continue that trend…)

Home-type stuff

At Esprit Cabane, there were these really neat candlesticks made from wire. Kind of reminiscent of a flower, so they’d be great for a nature theme, or anyone wanting a rustic-type look. (Their cardboard ottoman is also fun.) At Dollar Store Crafts, they shared ideas for turning a string of Christmas lights and some cardboard egg cartons into a really cool flower lamp, and how to turn water-filled balloons and wax into some candle luminaries. (To fit the dollar-store theme, they suggested using battery-powered tealights so the wax doesn’t melt.) And Apartment Therapy shared some ideas on how to make one of those retro-looking starburst mirrors that I love so much (out of a car mirror, of all things!), as well as a padded tufted headboard. (I still kind of want one of these padded fabric headboards for my room! But it’ll have to wait….) Finally, over at Poopscape Projects (hahaha, that’s the best craft blog name I’ve seen in awhile!), there’s a tutorial for these little containers that look like tree stumps.

Getting technical….

Found a .pdf over at Art Gallery Fabrics that gave a great overview of what those numbers on the sewing machine needles mean, and how to choose the best one for your project. (Very nice presentation too!) And at Daisy Chain Designs, there was a tutorial for an easy, eco-friendly way to clean up silver jewelry. The ingredients: aluminum foil, baking soda and water. Might have to try this with some of my older earrings or something. And at CraftStylish, they shared a technique learned at the CHA conference for how to make flower prints with actual flower petals. (Hint: No paint or ink pads involved.)


Mmmm, these look so comfy…a pair of spa slippers upcycled from a towel and some flip-flops, courtesy of Craftynest. At Whip Up, they shared a link for a tutorial for this absolutely adorable leaf bag. And back at Dollar Store Crafts once more, a coin purse made from an old soda bottle. (I think it’s so cute–it reminds me of Pac-Man!)


I loved Mirella’s shirt that she made for a Sewing With Nature contest– it’s simply gorgeous! Creativity Prompt shared a video tutorial for a “waterfall mini-album“– kind of reminds me of a pop-up book. Pull tabs are always fun. And Christina’s greeting cards that she made for a school assignment really made me smile–not your typical greeting card sentiments!

Finally, just because I can… Valentine’s cakes gone very, very wrong. (The giant heart cookie at the end of the last link especially made me laugh. Thanks to Tracey for pointing me that way.)

Ok, off for my decidedly un-romantic weekend of sci-fi geekiness and crafty fun with my friends! And have a happy weekend, however you choose to spend it.


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