panic! and a project

Ugh….this was not my best afternoon ever. One of my friends is coming over tomorrow to sew (I told her she could use my serger a couple months ago when we went fabric shopping together and she got some knit to make dresses out of), and I’d figured that I’d use my sewing machine to work on the shrugs for the upcoming wedding while she uses my serger. There’s only about 5 seams involved for the outside of each shrug, so it’s not like it’s going to take a lot of brainpower, and then I can help her when she needs it. And I’m still hoping I can machine-sew the trim on, so I figured I could start on that tomorrow with the amount of trim I had, which is about half of what’s needed for all 4 in the end. And then emailed the bride to ask her to bring the rest on Sunday, that we’d had to order in.

She didn’t have it. And said that she’d given it to me back in November. Which I then vaguely remembered. So I checked my fall purse. And my current purse. And my tote bag that I put my church music and haul my flute in on Sundays that I play. And the Joann’s bag that the fabric and the other half of the trim had been in. Nothing. So then I called her just to make sure she didn’t have it, since she’s been admittedly kind of scatterbrained lately, between planning a wedding and planning to move halfway across the world. Still nothing.

So I ended up making an unexpected trip to Joann’s this afternoon, because I knew I would have no peace of mind until I knew I could finish this project in time. Especially since we’re past the window where we could order more and get it in time! Thankfully, they had enough of it! (I’m also quite thankful that she purposely chose inexpensive trim. Because she said she’d pay for the replacement, and I’d feel even more awful if it had been the expensive stuff!) Ended up picking up a few other things I needed while I was there too, like a pack of hand sewing needles to replace the ones I perpetually lose, some thread for the next item of this post, and two of the new McCall’s patterns I was eyeing because they were on sale. (It’s 5809, because I like that it’s empire waist and still fitted throughout the actual waist–will be much more flattering on me that way–and 5814, because that ruffle-cap-sleeve jacket thing just looks like it might be great for summer work clothes!)

Ok, so the project. My brother recently gave me two pairs of his old jeans that were too torn up for him to wear anymore (hard to see in the pic, but both of them had huge tears across the knees, and a few holes in other places) to see if I could do something with them. Kind of unexpected. So I started tearing them up on Sunday, and today I turned them into this:

Yeah, not the greatest picture, but what can you do by yourself at 11:30 at night?

There were a couple of glitches. Like I ended up having to take out and re-install a zipper– I was originally planning to use the one that came in the bluer pair of jeans, since that’s the part I knew I’d be using for the center front, but whoever sewed the jeans had just chopped off the top in the middle of the teeth, and I accidentally removed the zipper pull and couldn’t get it back on! Fortunately, I had taken out the zipper from the greyer jeans , which was just a shorter length zipper (smarter people) and completely intact. So that took a good chunk of the afternoon, particularly since I’m not experienced enough at fly fronts yet to not have to rip things out five times when sewing them. (Yes, I sewed the fly completely shut again.) As you can see, the fly does lay a bit funny. But other than that, not bad for an afternoon’s work. I sort of used the BurdaStyle Sidonie pattern as my basis for the skirt (once I got the front and back pieces sewed into the bigger pieces of fabric), and it worked out pretty well. I’m glad I had this one saved from the mini-challenge, because it was a convenient and simple one to have on hand!

This skirt isn’t entirely done. Sewing-wise, yes, but I think it needs a dye job. For one thing, I just like darker denim better– seems nicer and like it will last longer. And I’m not totally liking this two-tone thing going on, especially in the back because it looks like I have racer stripes on my butt. I don’t need that. The overriding reason is, because of the way I had to cut it due to bad hole location in the bluer pair (right in the middle of the upper leg!) you can see the lines from where the original fly-front topstitching was on the greyer pair in the front, and that bothers me. Also wouldn’t mind covering over the weird darker splotches where the belt carriers were. I did look at the dye while I was in Joann’s, but ended up not getting it– was hoping I could find the stuff that you could just toss in the washer without making a ginormous mess of it, and it’s far too cold to bucket-dye it. Probably for at least another 3 months, as easily as I get cold. So this skirt will probably be sitting unworn for a little while. But that’s ok. I’m just getting a head-start on the warm-weather sewing!


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