It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve put up here. But right now, I am all about using stuff up. And this has the dual function of using up scraps cut from muslin pattern tests (and eventually the test runs themselves) and spools of almost-empty thread. I used up two tonight on just this little piece.

So what is this for, you may ask? This is me finally starting an organizer for my jewelry stash, because I’m tired of digging through a jumbled pile of earrings and untangling 15 different necklaces every time I put an outfit together. I’ve been neglecting my accessories out of sheer laziness/frustration with it as of late, and that’s just not right because I have so many fun hand-crafted pieces of jewelry. So I’m taking advantage of my current organizing mood as of late. (Not to mention wanting to procrastinate on those bridesmaid shrugs.) And hoping that this ends up being one of those things that is so ugly that it’s kind of cool. 😀

I think I created a monster with that craft supply organization day. Since then, I finished cataloging my fabric stash on Saturday. (The grand total was something like 70 pieces of fabric that need to get used up! But I’m happy because I gave the two pieces I wasn’t willing to even catalog to my fellow sewing bridesmaid on Sunday. She actually wears pinkish stuff, and I never do, so hopefully she’ll find some good use for them.) And, since I still didn’t really have the time or inclination to start on those shrugs, I’ve also started making myself a catalog of my pattern stash. I have 3 bins full of patterns. (I should have 4, possibly 5, because I also have a bunch that just sit on the shelf on top of one of said bins.) I made myself a little form in Word for stuff like pattern # and description, required yardage and notions, etc. And then I’ve been scanning in the technical drawings and bringing those into the doc and printing it out. (On the recycled paper that wasn’t working so hot in large quantities for BurdaStyle patterns, so yay for that.) I’m writing in the info on the printed form because it’s just easier than retyping and deleting everything every time. And then they’re going in a binder with dividers for what type of pattern it is. It’s kind of fun to see what all I have, and have already found a couple of patterns in my stash that just might work for using up some of the smaller yardages I have, so yay for that!

Otherwise, let’s see… I’ve almost finished tearing apart 2 pairs of jeans for a reconstructed skirt, and pretty much busted a seam ripper in the process. I got some fabric in the mail today (some Amy Butler that I’m going to make a new spring/summer purse out of, as soon as I make up or find a pattern to adapt. I might have to raid my mom’s stash, because she has a ton of funky purse patterns!) So let’s see… that brings my total so far up to 2 stash pieces I have to use. I also stopped procrastinating, somewhat, and cut out the three shrugs and linings today. And started sewing the muslin scraps– that was because I was between students and didn’t have a whole lot of time.

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