the Lotus Hoodie

Finally got around to taking some pictures of that reconstructed shirt this morning.

So this is what it started life as–a cotton yoga hoodie and a tencel Gap shirt from the thrift store. Loved the colors of both, but the hoodie was too short on both the arms and body, and the asymmetric neckline on the Gap shirt was just weird-looking on me, but the fabric was so soft I couldn’t pass it up!

This is what it turned into. I cut the hem off of the green shirt and added a couple of inches to the hem of the blue shirt (and turned the original end of the blue shirt under and hemmed it to give it a more finished look–originally, the hems of the shirt and sleeves and the edge of the hoodie were all jsut serged.) I originally did the same thing to the sleeves of the blue hoodie, but then it just looked dumb. So I ended up cutting new sleeve extensions from the body of the shirt. Oh, and the trim on the hoodie was cut before I did that.

Those marks on the shoulder? No, that’s not a weird camera blob. It needed something, so I took some inspiration from the hoodie tag.
It had this picture on it.
So I did some reverse applique with a leftover piece of the green. Freehand-drew it on first with a disappearing fabric marker, and then stitched around it, and cut the blue away to reveal what (hopefully) looks like a lotus flower.

Anyway, even though the sleeves ended up being a bigger frustration than originally planned, this was a fun project. And it was nice to do some reconstructing again, after the push to finish Christmas presents and ill-fated costumes and such!


6 thoughts on “the Lotus Hoodie

  1. You really are clever! That’s adorable, and I love the reverse applique, too! It’s a technique I haven’t done in ages. Just picked up five t-shirts from Michael’s so I might just have to combine two and do that.


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