Friday Favorites, Episode 36

It’s that time of the week again!

First up today: At Craft Leftovers, the author kindly provided a free download for some spice jar labels with this cute drawing of a talking spice jar on it! It’s quite functional too, as there’s space provided for writing when it was bought, so that way you know how fresh it is. She’s re-using her spice bottles to refill from bulk bins, which I think is a pretty neat idea too.

At Creativity Prompt, there’s a video tutorial for how to make a mini-photo album out of scrapbook paper and a recycled corrugated cardboard box. The instructions are quite clear, the results are cute, and it would make a great gift for someone! (Now that I’m looking there again for the links, there’s a new one up for a 10-minute mini-book too. Will have to check that one out, since I’m still determined to learn bookbinding!)

Chinese New Year is on Sunday, and while I’m not Chinese by any stretch of the imagination, I do love Asian-inspired things. (One of those things I’ve definitely developed a greater appreciation for over the last several years, since I tend to get a lot of students that come from Asian families that immigrated here.) So I really liked this tutorial for making those oh-so-fun paper lanterns. (It’s actually a dual tutorial–the same post has one for tin can lanterns!)

The next one is sort of a first for me on this feature, since I generally don’t talk about books much. But this one looked kind of intriguing– it’s called Sewing Green by Betz White, and I found out about it via Whip Up. The link takes you to a gallery of sample project photos from the book. Didn’t look like anything much out of the realm of my experience, but it’s all using recycled stuff. (One that I did find particularly cool was a sun shade for a car windshield made out of…*drumroll*… Capri-Sun pouches! Might not have thought of that one.)

Next up, from Weekend Designer: I. Need. This. Bag. No, seriously, I do. I’ve been thinking for months that it would be nice to have a big roomy zip-up bag for weekend trips–my carry-on suitcase is a little too small, my regular suitcase is way too big, and it’s a bit unwieldy to use a rolling suitcase in instances such as the crafty hangout weekends (like the one coming up in February) when I’m also having to wheel the rolling tote thing for my craft supplies. And this one looks pretty much perfect, plus has the added bonus of being a free pattern (once I draw it out.) I’m trying to think of if I have anything in my stash that might work– bought fabric for a new spring/summer purse yesterday and now I have to come up with a stash project to compensate, according to my new rules. I know that I have one that might, but I’ll have to see if it’s strong enough (they recommended upholstery-weight, and this fabric is pieced together of denim and brocade–my mom had bought it and decided she couldn’t use it after all and passed it on to me.)

Last item for today, from Dollar Store Crafts: These light bulb vases are cute and simple. Would require the old-fashioned kind, of course, because the halogen lamps would definitely NOT work for this.

Ok, that’s it for now. Time to go get some stuff done. Like take some pictures– I’m at least 2 posts behind on that now!

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