Friday Favorites, Episode 35

Almost didn’t get to this today… got sidetracked by a clothing reconstruction that’s taking longer than I thought it would. But I’m taking a dinner break now, so here goes…

First up is Dollar Store Crafts, featuring this shoji screen made from bamboo and shower curtains, and an easy how-to for customizing an iPod with a clear plastic cover and scrapbook paper. ( I think I’ll definitely have to give the latter a try, as the silicon cover I’ve been using since I got it is leaving it kind of grungy.)

Second is Whip Up, which had a tutorial for a Viking-style shoe and a tree stump trivet (that’s really made from felt.)

The newest site I’ve found is Craft:G33k. Loved this Tardis tissue box cover! And she also posted a link to this “teh yarn bukkit”. (For the uninitiated, it’s a takeoff of the LOLCats.)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything from Crafting a Green World…. mainly because, for some reason, the feed’s stopped working on my Bloglines and I missed a bunch of stuff, thinking that it was just quiet due to the holidays. 😛 But I did enjoy this article about digital vs. traditional scrapbooking. And, though it’s not from this week, this was a good reference post on all of their eco-friendly fabric finds from 2008.

Two other random favorites, since everything else came in pairs. I really liked Antoinette’s most recent men’s shirt refashion–think I’m going to have to borrow this idea sometime! And this rather stunning wrap skirt was originally featured on Weekend Designer, but there were some copyright issues so it got removed. But you can still drool over it at Assemblage.

Ok, back to the sewing room– I’m determined to finish that shirt recon today, since I absolutely have to do muslins for bridesmaid stuff tomorrow morning!

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