Meet Kaylee.

Kaylee is a kangaroo. (By virtue of the ears, because otherwise she would look very much like a dinosaur, I’m afraid.) I did most of the work on New Year’s Day, and officially finished this on Friday night, but then I spent all day Saturday on the Great Craft Stash Reorganization, and she had to go into hiding on Sunday, and I forgot to take her out for her photoshoot until today.

Kaylee is for Susannah’s bridal shower, which is coming up on Sunday. We’re doing an Australia theme, since that’s where her fiance is from and where she’ll be moving to. So she’s going to be doing double duty as decorations and gift wrap–Susannah couldn’t register for much because of electronic compatibility and shipping weight issues, so the bridesmaids are just giving her money. Which will go in the pouch.

Oh, and the name? A tribute to Firefly, since Susannah, Joy and myself watched the series in its entirety while doing the beading on her dress. And that name fits better than, say, River or Inara.

I made the pattern myself, and it was mostly from things on hand. The dark brown fleece has been around in the scrap bin for quite some time. I did have to buy the light brown fleece, and the stuffing. (But I got organic bamboo stuffing, so that made me happy. It’s so soft!) The buttons were also on hand. And, to give a little extra weight in the base and tail to help her stand up straight, I added a little extra filling…dried beans! (My mom’s idea, which worked beautifully.)

Other crafty stuff that’s been going on: I sewed most of the pajama pants that I’m working on together last night–just need to do the elastic waistband and the hemming. So that’s tonight’s project. I’ve also spent a good bit of down time over the last two days in matching up photos to paper for my scrapbook. So I’m not completely caught up on photos I had printed out–decided to hold off on Julie’s wedding pics in case I want to buy any of the professional shots (like the bridesmaids on the mini-rock wall in my church’s gym!) , and I was trying to limit myself to what would fit in my layout storage box. (That didn’t quite work– I have some to work on that involve saving bulkier things like multiple cards and such, or just so many photos that it wouldn’t lie in the box flat, so I have something like 8 or 9 that I’m trying to get ready for the scrapbook binge weekend that are currently getting stored in page protectors that wouldn’t work for my albums because they stick out too far, just like I used to do before I got said box.) But it’s still a rather large dent. So now I just need to finish off the journalings, and try to get as much stuff cropped and such before mid-February, and I’m looking at a super-productive weekend that will go a long way in reaching my goal of finally getting my albums from the grad school years and on caught up! (Which, unfortunately, includes 2008 in its entirety. Oh well.)

Off to the sewing room with me– want to get those pants done before the Lost recap at 8! One of the few shows where I cannot sew and watch at the same time. (Photo cropping, on the other hand… 😉

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