Progress and Ponderings

This is what I’ve been working on for the last couple of days. I’m calling these my “princess pajamas”– I mean, come on, purple satin with silver trim? But I think they’re going to be really nice and luxurious when it’s done. And hopefully warm, since it’s flannel-backed!

Here’s a somewhat close-up of the collar. I’m really proud about how well the tapering on the collar turned out– granted, I did have to fudge it a little to get it to meet up, but I think the result was worth it. (Mostly…. in the process, I did sew my finger a little bit. First time I’ve ever done that, which I think it pretty good since I’ve been sewing since I was 7!)

I’m contemplating summer clothes again… dreamed that I was talking about sewing with one of my closest friends (who is, ironically, the least crafty of the bunch), and I remember specifically discussing a BWOF wrap skirt that caught my eye in my July ’08 back issue….and woke up inspired to make something completely different. My idea would have to be a knit. So now I’m pondering how to make it work. That, and between that and my halter-style dress that I want t make for my mini-wardrobe, whether I need to also ponder building bras into both of these garments. Because I don’t exactly like my strapless, and the nature of the straps on both garments would make them less than bra-friendly. (And bra-less is NOT an option!) So here’s my question–have any of you ever done something like that? (Especially on a knit?) How hard was it?


2 thoughts on “Progress and Ponderings

  1. I would bite the bullet and go bra-shopping if there is more than one thing you want one for… I have built in bras, and it’s difficult without a knit. I can’t imagine a knit…And wearing a bra feels much more secure to me.btw, I am Sarah. I love your blog! I found it randomly. Good luck!


  2. yikes! going bra-less is a scarry thought for me!lol!I have built bras into lots of costumes and dance dresses… I find it easy if I build the dress/costume around the bra.. instead of making the dress and putting the bra in… does that make ANY sense???


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