My Mathematical Mind

….apparently needs some serious help! Since I’m in the stage where I’m back to teaching work, but not back to part-time job work, I’m trying to not get lazy and be very productive with my time. So I’ve been spending the last two days on things like exercising, practicing my flute, doing laundry, etc. And also starting some new craft projects. I’ve been working on getting some overdue scrapbook journaling written, in preparation for having some pages ready to assemble when Cassie, Tracey and I have our next crafty/geeky sci-fi marathon hangout thing. (We just scheduled it for mid-February.) And I also started my next sewing project, which is a pair of pajamas.

I made the piping for the trim on Friday night, which went fine, and my goal for yesterday was to get it all cut out. But when I was laying it out, I discovered that I had somehow grossly miscalculated what I needed when I bought it, and had enough to make either the top or the pants but not both. So I had to stop at Joann’s on my way to my first student’s house yesterday and get some more. Fortunately, they still had it! Oh well… it’s like I usually tell people, I’m a musician and only have to count to 4 (or sometimes up to 8) over and over again. And that’s why God had someone invent the calculator.

I’m also making a slightly belated New Year’s “resolution”, after having spent some time over the weekend measuring and sampling part of my stash. I have this little sketchbook with the fabric samples/yardages, so I can do things like choose patterns or matching buttons or zippers for things I bought with no particular use in mind (or waited long enough to change my mind on what I wanted to do with it.) So here’s the deal: For every piece of fabric I buy this year, I have to make something with a piece of fabric I already have in my stash. And I am counting the pajamas miscalculation. So even though I already had it cut out, my top that I’m slowly embroidering the trim for is going to be the project for that. I had a little time this afternoon, so I worked on that a bit. Hoping I can keep chipping at it and get it done soon that way, because I’d really like to get these pajamas and that top done before I go into hardcore bridesmaid seamstress mode!

Speaking of fabric, I got this in the mail today. (Stupid Blogger won’t let me imbed the image. Meh.) Anyway, you know how I said that one of my goals for the year is to make a mini-wardrobe? I’ve been sort of plotting it for a couple of weeks, and I already know basically what I want to make. My thought was to do summer clothes (because they’re my favorite) with a beachy inspiration– was originally thinking the Caribbean, because they’ve got that gorgeous blue water, but I couldn’t pass up this print. It’s fun and graphic enough to work really well with a dress I wanted to make anyway (the long one in the “day” section), it’s got plenty of colors to draw from, and the name was “Sea Flowers” so it fits the theme. So I guess I’m going more with a mid-Atlantic beach town inspiration, because the colors remind me of the houses at the beaches I’ve grown up with, but that’s ok. I got enough of it for that dress and this (purple) top. I also know I want to make this shirt (really the longer version, but that’s in black so you can see it better here). Beyond that, I know I want to do some kind of shrug cover-up thing (I’m thinking a lightweight summer sweater, so hopefully I can at least get good enough with the knitting machine to make fabric for it!), a long skirt, a pair of jeans (if I can find some denim that works well with it, otherwise I guess I’ll have to go with a lightweight pant) and a pair of shorts. Maybe a short-sleeved top of some kind too, if I’m feeling the need to add a third shirt to the mix. Ambitious, yes, but I figure I need something to be plotting while I’m sewing bridesmaid shrugs, because I already know it’s not going to be the most interesting thing for me. And possibly frustrating, since I’m trying to fit people that aren’t me (and two people to one of them, because the bride is taking the maid of honor’s jacket with her to Australia, along with the dress since it belongs to her.) So trying to find fabrics to go with and patterns to use with it all should cover that nicely– and give me a more fun incentive to finish quickly than a mere deadline!


4 thoughts on “My Mathematical Mind

  1. I love the flower print fabric, and those look like some great patterns. I’d love to start sewing myself some summer clothes..I’ve had this dress idea floating in my head for a while, I think I need to sketch it up.


  2. I love that fabric! So fun and summery! Can’t wait to see the dress, that pattern is on my list to sew. I have made the McCalls pattern and had some problems with it, check out my pattern review. Good luck on the wardrobe!


  3. I like the idea of making something from your ‘stash’ for every fabric you buy. I should do that, too. But first, maybe I should finish the 16,998 projects I started already…


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