Joy to the world….

….my pantsuit is DONE!!

Ok, ok, so it doesn’t quite fit the rhythm of the song. I don’t care. It’s DONE! I finished it this afternoon, after spending many, many hours doing the hems yesterday (main reason it took so long was that I kept getting sidetracked by other stuff, like making pea soup, or browsing the internet, or doing a little cleaning that I had to do, etc.) But here it is!

And here’s a closeup of the buttons– I found these, and couldn’t resist putting the curves in opposing directions.

And this blurry picture is to show that I am having no issues at all with gap-itis in the back of the pants– this NEVER happens for me! So I was quite excited about that.

I didn’t just do the pantsuit yesterday. I also finished Cassie’s Christmas present (which I’m not posting a pic of yet, because she’s been known to lurk on here.) And I made the aforementioned pea soup. And last night, I made this necklace.
It was supposed to be for my mom’s stocking stuffer stash. But after finishing this around 11:45 last night and trying it on, I got a little paranoid that it was a bit too chunky (read: cave-girlish) for my mom’s taste. So I ended up showing it to her today–and it just happened to perfectly match what she was wearing! So I guess she can consider this her advent present or something. Or a second 3-days-late birthday present.

And then I made her this necklace this afternoon–not a surprise, she wanted to get something red to wear for Christmas and ended up getting a red shirt and black sweater. I had to go to Joann’s anyway to get some ribbon for a reconstruction I want to do soon, and so we picked these beads out and I made this. I think those pentagon-shaped beads are pretty fun.

So I am incredibly excited to be done with that pantsuit, seeing as how I’ve been working exclusively on that (at least as far as sewing goes) for the last month or so!! So I have a couple quick sewing projects I’m hoping to get done in the next week or two– a present for Tracey, a present for my brother’s girlfriend, a Christmasy recon, and a secret project that I’m not going to talk about yet– let’s just say it’s not a present, but I think it’ll be more fun to post about as a surprise.

Friday Favorites, Episode 31 (and the results of yesterday’s poll)

First off, thanks to those of you that responded to my post yesterday. The vote is really close! But I’ve decided to go with the BWOF subscription. I am still a little nervous about trying to figure out the non-visual instructions, but since one of my ongoing craft goals (that so far I’m failing miserably at) is to reduce my stash of supplies/fabric, I need things that will enable me to use up some of said fabric stash rather than expand it, and patterns from the Big 4 don’t really inspire me much these days, for the most part. Plus, since I haven’t managed to find it in any of my local bookstores, the only way I can get any issues is to buy them online at something like $16 a pop. If I find things I like in more than 4 issues, it’s pretty much paid for itself at that price. Plus, truth be told, I’m kind of feeling right now like getting nice fabric would be a waste of the money, since it’s not like I have occasions to wear really spectacular outfits of pricier fabrics. It might just be a case of the winter blahs setting in early this year… *sigh*

Anyway, on to the link list, which I’ll have to keep concise today since I have a major rush-around day going here.

First off, I’m finding Rostitchery’s series of posts on how she’s trying to hand-make her Christmas gifts/decorations completely out of things around the house rather inspiring. It’s amazing what can be done with what’s on hand. Weekend Designer had some really classy-looking ornaments made of ribbon and lavender, and on the other end of the spectrum, Thrifty Decor Chick featured a Christmas tree made of… *drumroll* Mt. Dew cans. XD (I learned about this one via Miss Celie’s Pants.) Craft Leftovers has some tips for fixing broken ornaments, Sewtakeahike had a very cute ice skate gift tag, Crafting a Green World showed how to recycle old Christmas cards into gift tags, and Whip Up had a huge list of festive tutorial goodness. And on a completely non-Christmasy note, I thought the baby Princess Leia costume at was just too cute (in a totally geeky sort of way, but that’s ok because I kind of am a geek.)

And with that, I’m off…hopefully teaching Cassie how to reconstruct a t-shirt tonight. Mwahaha.

Merry Christmas to me?

I’m taking an unofficial poll. I got one of my Christmas presents early this year (my car needed new tires, and the local body shop was having a “buy 3 get the 4th free after rebate” sale. So my mom, who took me to get the tires, told me to get the rebate made out to myself and then use it to buy myself something fun and splurgy. So, should I….

A) get some really quality fabric, like something organic or silk or something else along those lines, since I’m often deterred by the price-per-yard, and make myself a really spectacular outfit or two,


B) get myself a Burda World of Fashion subscription?

Decisions, decisions….

Christmastime is here….

…and with it comes Christmas crafting!

From Friday night:
-Poinsettia ornaments made following the flower pinwheel pattern at Hello My Name is Heather. I shrunk the pattern to about 3″ and skipped the stick.

-Snowflake ornaments–the two on the left were chipboard snowflakes I found in the scrapbook section, then painted and glittered up. And the beaded one was from a kit that we’ve had around here for ages. I might make some more, but it took awhile!

And then I’ve made four necklaces in the last three nights– I’m in charge of my mom’s stocking every year, and it’s become traditional for me to make her a couple of necklaces. This year, she requested that I take her bead stash and go nuts. So more will be forthcoming, but this is what I have for her so far:

1. Monday’s necklace, from a wooden pendant with a woodburned design, and wood and tiger-eye jasper beads.
2. One of Sunday’s necklaces, from a shell pendant, cats-eyes beads, and silver spacer beads.
3. Sunday’s other necklace, which was actually just a restringing job due to a broken clasp. I’m pretty sure I originally made this one for her, back when I was in grad school and on a trip to New Hampshire for a music competition (Mom came with me, and I brought beads to make jewelry in the hotel room. Which was nice downtime, since I was sick with a nasty cold the entire couple of days I was there!)
4. Last night’s necklace– silly to give a Christmas necklace in a Christmas stocking that she won’t be opening until Christmas Eve, I know. But the snowman pendant was so cute that I couldn’t resist!

No necklace tonight, most likely, seeing as how it’s after 10 and I still need to get a shower and such. Didn’t do it sooner because I was sewing. The good news is, the jacket is at the point where all I have left to do is attach the lining to the jacket, do the hems, and sew on the buttons and buttonholes. And then I am DONE!! I might even be able to finish by the end of the week! I’m sooooo excited to move on to other projects–maybe it’s because it’s something I had to do, but I just have not been able to get excited about this pantsuit, despite the challenge.