The good news: I finished my costume for New Year’s Eve on Sunday.

The bad news: I might not get to actually wear it. Got a message from the friend whose party I made it for, and she said that she wasn’t sure how into the costume idea her other guests were going to be, so I might not want to go all out for it. After mentioning my disappointment at that, she said she’ll see if she can talk some of her other friends into dressing up. But I’m going to be giving her a call later to see how that’s going… truthfully, at this point, I’m not sure I still want to go. Since she moved about an hour away to Philadelphia, none of our mutual friends around here can make it, so last I heard, one mutual friend who lives closer to the DC area might come. Other than that, it’s going to be all of her swing-dance friends from the city and then me. And I’m enough of an introvert that I know I won’t enjoy a party full of mostly strangers with nothing like the fun of a costume party to temper that. Especially driving that far for one– if she still lived around here it would be different. (Of course, if she still lived around here, I’d know more people coming too. And those friends of hers are the type that would dress up– been to enough costume parties with them to be certain of that!) I just wish I’d known that before I spent those several days rushing to get the costume done!

The other good news: Other than slicing open a few page protectors to get access to the fold-out things beneath, my road trip album is finally done as of yesterday! So at least that’s one of my craft goals for 2008 that I can say I finished.

Ok, back to work… trying to make those ornaments for Saturday’s post-New Year’s Christmas party.

3 thoughts on “bummed.

  1. Hey! I got the ornaments and they are even cuter in person! Thanks so much.. they’re on my pink Christmas tree!Sorry to hear about your party plans… hmmmmm… there’s got to be somewhere you can wear a costume on New Years!


  2. Does your downtown new year’s celebration offer a chance to dress up in your costume? Course it’s much colder where you are… Sorry to hear about the change in party plans… Hope it works out, Becky!


  3. You are so much like me regarding parties–I really want to know at least a few people (besides the hostess) before I go.And yet…once I’m there, I’m about the most sociable person you could ever meet. I just have to force myself to take that first step. So if it isn’t too much of a trip, I think you should go…and bring a change of clothes if the costume thing is ‘too much.’Did you ever see “Legally Blonde,” where Elle walks into a party in a bunny outfit–and everyone else is conservatively dressed? Instead of hiding, she boldly marches around like she owns the place. You should do that, too–I’d hate to see all your work go to waste!Oh…and Happy New Year!


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