Finishing the Christmas roundup and the latest project…

Though my serger was my big crafty Christmas gift this year (combo for that and my birthday), I did get a few small craft-related things in my stocking. Mainly in the way of scrapbook adhesives and these lovely coordinating beads, which I’m looking forward to making something with, but the sewing machine needles, marking pen and machine brush are also greatly appreciated (and needed!) And as of this afternoon, since my tire rebate check came in, I finished off the Christmas gifts with ordering my subscription to Burda World of Fashion. So I’m guessing my first issue will be the February one? Either that or March. I also purchased the March 2007 issue off of eBay, because I saw this jacket that Alviana posted earlier this week, and based on the BWOF pic she pasted in, it looks like this design will be absolutely perfect for this embroidered suedecloth that I’ve had in my stash forever– the suedecloth I was originally going to make the BurdaStyle Eva jacket with (since the corduroy one was technically my “muslin”), but I think I like this one better for it! And I did see several other designs that I liked from that issue when I looked at the magazine archive on the main Burda site, so hopefully it’ll be worth the investment.

I should have taken pics, but I received some handcrafted goodies too. My friend Cassie and my brother’s girlfriend both gave me crocheted scarves. (Cassie also included a matching hat and handwarmers– so far I’ve used the handwarmers the most, because my hands are perpetually cold this time of year!)

Been sewing like crazy for the last couple of days– spent a couple hours on Christmas morning and then nearly all of yesterday sewing together the main dress for my New Year’s Eve costume, and a pretty large portion of today working on the accessories (a belt, which is done except for hand-sewing, and a necklace.) No pictures of any of it yet– I don’t think I’ll post those until after the party, so that way I’ll have a few of it all put together to show! But I should be home for most of tomorrow afternoon too, so I think I will actually be able to finish this costume tomorrow!

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