Christmas craftiness

Warning: VERY pic-heavy post ahead! (Which will make this interesting to read, because I can NEVER get the formatting right on these!)

I know this is probably an unusual time to be posting! But my family tends to keep Christmas rather low-key. My immediate family (my parents, brother and I) have this annual tradition of going to my church’s Christmas Eve service, and then coming home, having sparkling cider and cookies, and opening our gifts. We go to my mom’s parents and celebrate with her side of the family during the afternoon on Christmas day, and then the same thing with my dad’s side of the family usually the weekend after. (Saturday this year.) So now that all my crafty Christmas presents have been distributed, I can post about them.
The first one is a recipe box I made for my friend Cassie. She’s been saying for months now that she needed one, and I’m just glad she didn’t go out and buy one first! It’s just a plain wooden recipe box that I got at the craft store and covered with scrapbook paper, then painted the “Recipes” on top and did a little decoupage coffee/teacup on the bottom (she loves both) with some of my paper scraps.
She loves literature and collecting quotes, so I was quite happy to find an appropriate one to paint inside the lid!

And then I found these recipe cards that matched perfectly at AC Moore, so I got her several packs of those. She was thrilled to have a recipe box at last, and told me today that she’s managed to get 4 in there so far.

Next up: the rest of the stocking stuffer necklaces I made for my mom, all out of stuff from her stash minus one pendant. These first two are ones that I’m pretty sure I did the Sunday before last…
Several of the beads from this one came in a little pre-packaged set (including that lovely Celtic pendant), so I was quite happy she had stuff to fill it out the rest of the way!
This next one with the leaf was made last Saturday (this was the pendant that was new)…

And then the next five were made on Sunday…

From sew and so
From sew and so

And the last one was made on Monday.

Finally, five sets of earrings that I made for my friend Julie.
She said I was cheating– we’d agreed among my group of friends that we’re just going to do the gift card exchange at our Christmas party (to be held in January.) But I told her it was all stuff from my stash and she was helping me use it up, so she was really doing me a favor. So I don’t think she minded too terribly much.
And then this is how I packaged them– just some cardstock folded accordion-style with holes punched for the earwires. Hard to see past the floss, but it says “earrings for special occasions”– stuff like “cheering on the NY Jets” (the teal/silver pair–that’s her favorite NFL team), “showing school spirit” (the blue and gold pair, which is the colors of the college we both graduated from, and her family gets season tickets to the football games every year) or “fooling people into thinking you’re Irish” (the green pair–she’s a redhead, but not Irish.)

Next post– some of the handmade/crafty related presesnts I got!

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