Friday Favorites, Episode 33 (last one of 2008!)

It’s been a very quiet week for crafting here. I literally have not had a chance to do anything since last Saturday, other than put together a couple more necklaces for my mom’s stocking and a couple pairs of earrings for a Christmas gift. I guess I should take pictures of those. Oh, and I made earrings to go with that red and black necklace I made for Mom a week or so ago, because she let me borrow it back to wear with my pantsuit for the band concert and I needed earrings for it. (Using another leftover bead and some of my thrifted jar supplies to make myself a necklace, so I’ll still have something to go with it.)

But it’s been a crazy busy week– spent most of Sunday afternoon addressing invitations and planning Susannah’s bridal shower, Monday was an extra-long teaching day because of adding a new student, Tuesday also ran late and by the time I finished eating dinner and showering and all I just wasn’t up for it, Wednesday was the band concert (which went really well! Yay!), and then yesterday I had practice for my church’s Sunday and Christmas Eve services, which I’m playing with the music team for. And then tonight I’m going to a party, though I’m hoping to have some time to work on unpicking the hem of my latest refashion so I can make it look better. I’m getting so desperate for creative time, though, that when I had some dead time at work yesterday, I sat there sketching out craft ideas! (It’s not like I was slacking– it’s just the managers literally had nothing for me to work on at the moment, and I’d already cleaned the showroom. Ah, garden centers in winter.) I really hope I have time to do something tomorrow!

Anyway, on to Friday Favorites. I’ve decided to make this “episode” the last one of the year, since the last Friday is the 26th and by then I’m going to be in frantic costume mode in order to get things done before New Year’s Eve. So I’ll bring it back in about 2 weeks (I’m hosting a party on the 3rd, so between that and the party on the 31st, I’m going to have my hands full!) Anyway, I hope you’ve all been enjoying this feature, and hopefully I’ll find lots of fun stuff to share in 2009.

Also, I’m not finished with the backlog yet, but I’ve started sticking all the tutorial-type stuff that I’ve been bookmarking on my Wists page so they’re all in one place. Plus it has pictures.

Not surprisingly, almost everything is Christmas decorations this week.

Garlands: Dollar Store Crafts had a fun, colorful one of felt squares. Cheeky Magpie featured a rather intricate one of folded paper and (very carefully cut-out) stamped designs. And Whip Up linked to a paper chain link garland— not the construction-paper version we made in elementary school, for sure! Looks so time-consuming, but the Renaissance lover in me is all, “Ooh, paper chain-maille!” (Plus it would probably be a fun way to recycle junk mail or something.)

Cards and Wrapping: Speaking of junk mail, I thought the gift bag made from it at Recycled Crafts was a really clever idea! Going back to Cheeky Magpie, I couldn’t help but love her snowman cardsCalvin & Hobbes is pretty much my favorite comic strip ever, and his snowmen always amused me. And for her blogaversary, the writer of SewDelish has free Christmas printables that would be great for gift tags or scrapbook pages or whatever.

Ornaments: The medieval-looking cd cross ornaments over at Ecologue were just stunning. I love the look of these fabric star origami ornaments at Zen Crafting. And that they can have a billion different looks depending on what fabric you use. And that it’s great for scraps. Over at CraftStylish, they’re showing how to revamp (or “resparkle”, as they call it) those worn glass balls with charms and gems. Crafting a Green World had a nice kid-friendly ornament made from, of all things, recycled plastic ziplock bags (and some other on-hand stuff to decorate them with). And while not really an ornament, persay, I did like Creative Kismet‘s snowflake window.

Other: Which I suppose these would make good stocking stuffers or last-minute gifts. First one is these simple but cute bookmarks at Trail Mix. Over at Craft Apple, she made a bag from a cheap skirt found on the clearance rack. And Craft Leftovers had a free pattern for recycling sweater bits into some very cute armwarmers.

Ok, so that’s everything for this week. Er, year.

One more bloggy announcement… next post is my 300th. Going to try to do something special for it. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, Episode 33 (last one of 2008!)

  1. I just love your Friday Favorites! The skirt bag is darling and I’m ready to go to thrift stores now and find a cute ruffled skirt!Good Luck with your show!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!!I really do enjoy your posts!


  2. Wow, that sure is rough timing for a kid to come into your class, right before the holidays. I’m sure you made it easier, though. I’m glad the concert went so well! If I don’t get back here, I want to wish you the most amazing holiday you’ve ever had! Merry Christmas!


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