More reasons to love Goodwill (and other thoughts)

Warning: Very picture-heavy post coming.

I had to go to the thrift store today–going to a party with a white elephant gift exchange next weekend, and I needed a present. And while I was there, I realized that I should probably look for some stuff for the costume I’ll be making soon– Nicole is having the New Year’s Eve costume party, and the theme is historical figures. So I’m going as Cleopatra. I know how I’m going to do the dress, and I have stash fabric that will cover it, but I need some accessories. So I was quite excited when I found these sandals for $2.50– especially because they actually fit my ugly-stepsister feet!

The sewing part of the costume I’ve been having the most trouble figuring out is the belt. No lie– I was literally walking around, thinking that this would be the perfect day to find horrific 80’s shiny gold pants. And then I spotted these.

Yeah, that’s right– gold spandex pants. Oh, the humanity– I can’t believe these were ever in style! But I can’t complain too much, because this will be much nicer to sew on than the gold lame I rejected at Joann’s for this purpose the other day.

And yes, I did find my white elephant gift– a light-up toy lightsaber for $2. Not sure if it actually lights up, haven’t changed the batteries to check, but I’m thinking it might be good for a few laughs. And hopefully some steals.

Been working on crafts, too.

I finished these tea wallets today.

And this is what one looks like on the inside…
though I haven’t added the tea yet.
I took the idea from this tea wallet tutorial by Krustallos, though I ended up changing it– the first one I tried, I didn’t like the way it looked with the many layers of fabric showing aroun dthe edges. Plus I kind of wrecked the tabs trying to get the snaps in. So then I made these two with velcro. The blue one is for my friend Tracey, and the brocade one is for my brother’s girlfriend, since they both like tea. And I was quite happy that I was able to make both of these from things on hand!

From sew and so

Then I took this dress that I’d found ages ago at the thrift store, and turned it into this.

From sew and so

I’m thinking it needs work. The ribbon still isn’t laying quite right, and the bottom seems just a little too full for a tunic. I probably should have taken some of that out before I hemmed it!

I did another sewing project today too, but I’m not showing it yet because it’s that secret project I’d mentioned a post or two ago. Hopefully will have some pictures after next weekend.


5 thoughts on “More reasons to love Goodwill (and other thoughts)

  1. Hey, nice twist on the tea wallets! Yes, the extra layer of fabric are a bit much. I rememdied it by cutting my all of my pieces except for the tabs on the fold. That helped cut down on the bulk some. I’m going to update my tutorial with the changes.


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