Merry Christmas to me?

I’m taking an unofficial poll. I got one of my Christmas presents early this year (my car needed new tires, and the local body shop was having a “buy 3 get the 4th free after rebate” sale. So my mom, who took me to get the tires, told me to get the rebate made out to myself and then use it to buy myself something fun and splurgy. So, should I….

A) get some really quality fabric, like something organic or silk or something else along those lines, since I’m often deterred by the price-per-yard, and make myself a really spectacular outfit or two,


B) get myself a Burda World of Fashion subscription?

Decisions, decisions….


13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to me?

  1. Well to me this is a no brainer! Get the BWOF subscription. You’ll get a fashionable collection patterns delivered to your mailbox every 30 days. It’s just so great to have all the back issues on hand when you decide you suddenly need a new top, etc.


  2. I agree with Christina. Besides, if you get the subscription then you might “need” to treat yourself to some special fabric later in the year. And this way you will know what you will create with the fabric you purchase.


  3. I’ll admit I was leaning very strongly towards BWOF when I posted. The one thing that’s deterring me right now is wondering how my very visually-oriented brain will be able to handle the very non-visual directions! Since I had trouble with that on the BurdaStyle jacket I made a few months ago that seemed to take the directions straight out of BWOF. That, and the whole tracing out the pattern thing. I do have one back issue from the summer that I’ve been flipping through for the last half-hour or so…might have to test this theory out on one of them. 😉


  4. One more vote for the subscription, though I hear ya on the directions! I just made my first BWOF garment a few weeks ago and while the pattern pieces were fantastic, hunting down the right lines to trace and then trying to figure out the directions (made harder since my BWOF was actually in German – but I’m really not sure they would have been much better in English) was rough. Still, there’s something rather magical about having a fashion magazine that actually has all the garments inside of it, just waiting to be sewn.Besides, I’d never get the nerve to cut into really nice splurge fabric. 🙂


  5. Tough call, but I’ll chime in as the voice of dissent/the devil on your other shoulder.I’d go with the fabric. I don’t often treat myself and I take extra care when I do – I think I do my best sewing when I know it’s going to cost me to screw up …


  6. That’s a tough one – both would be really special… I think I’d lean towards the BWOF, because it would continue to be a new gift each month for a year and then would be a resource of patterns that you would have forever. Of course, I haven’t sewn from BWOF yet, so I don’t know first hand about the difficulties of tracing, adding seam allowances, and following the directions. 😉The truth is, this is a no-lose situation – whichever you choose will be a great early Christmas gift for yourself! 🙂


  7. I’ll join cheesepirate in the dissenting voices. I can’t handle non-visual instructions and the BWOF subscription would only annoy me (or I would put it away pretending that I *would* read it but won’t).A fabulous outfit made out of really really special fabric would be a GREAT Christmas pressie.


  8. BWOF all the way! its new patterns every month, its new inspiration every month!Maybe pick out one outfit a month and make it in a quality fabric… that you found on sale!


  9. I’m another deviant voice for the fabric… because, guessing from my own attitude towards silks, it must be awesome to really be able to make an outfit from such fabric. And, honestly, I’d rather have one awesome silk dress than a lot of back copies of BWOF (as much as I like the magazine) most of which will never really be used.


  10. I vote for the fabric! I have mulled over whether or not to subscribe to BWOF, and I don’t because if I count the number of must-have issues each year at $9 per issue, it ends up costing way less than the annual subscription. Clearly, how many BWOF patterns one likes from each issue is very subjective, but that’s my biggest reason for the fabric vote! Can’t wait to hear what you decide!


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