Thankful to be Crafty

Since I’m not the one rushing around to cook dinner (my family always goes to my dad’s parents’ on Thanksgiving, and my grandfather insists on making all the food, other than the bread, which my mom makes), figured it would be fitting for this blog to think a little on this subject.

So here’s why I’m thankful that I’m crafty….

  1. Because it’s fun!
  2. Because it allows me to express myself in a unique, creative way. Particularly since I’m primarily a clothes sewer. Plus I rarely have to bother with the concern that someone else will show up in the same outfit as me.
  3. Because, even though it takes some effort sometimes, I can have clothes that truly fit.
  4. Because it allows me to recycle in creative ways.
  5. Because, sometimes, it saves me money. (Anyone who makes clothes should know what I mean there, haha.)
  6. Because it allows me to make gifts for my friends and family that are truly personal. For instance, what are the odds that I would have been able to find a rabbit apron for my rabbit-owning-and-loving friend for her wedding? (Plus it was functional!)
  7. Because it’s something I can use to help people. Something I’ve just started having opportunities to do this year, pretty much, and mainly through my Bible study–like I was able to help make pillows for kids at battered women’s shelters, and it looks like we’re going to be doing something with Project Linus soon.
  8. Because it’s therapeutic. Crafting is great stress relief for me– though I’m not one for long-term repetitive crafts (the reason I was never really able to get into cross-stitching or knitting or crocheting), something small like stringing a necklace together can be really soothing. Or the accomplished feeling of running a few seams together and having it look like a skirt or shirt can be a real pick-me-up. Or, sometimes I have to break stuff before I can make stuff, and that’s just fun. 😉 Or, on a slightly more personal note, the times when I get really down about the single life, it helps to work on my scrapbook some and remember all the fun times I have with my friends and such.
  9. Speaking of scrapbooking, it means I get a more creative way to look back on those memories than just shoving them in an album. More time-consuming, yes, but the kid in me loves the collage aspect!
  10. Because it allows me to connect with people. Though not all of my friends, I’m fortunate to have some friends here who also craft, and getting together with them and making stuff (even though it’s often not the same type of stuff, as 2 out of 3 of them are primarily crocheters!) is always a fun time. And, I’ve also enjoyed getting to know crafters from all over the place through this blog!

Ten seems like a good number to stop at. Especially since I want to get some sewing in before we head over to my grandparents’ for the turkey. So, I hope you all have a wonderful day with lots to be thankful for, no matter where you are!


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