Taming the Pants Monster, part 5

They FIT!!

It took me all day yesterday, and they’re not completely done yet– I still have to sew on some hooks and eyes, and I’m letting them hang up for now just in case they stretch out a bit on the legs before I hem them, and I have to clean up all the stray threads from the waistband and the markings. But I have pants that fit.

Admittedly, they’re a little more snug than I would have wished. They still fit, but if I ever gain weight, they won’t. The problem is, the interfacing eliminated every bit of give that the fabric had for the yoke. I couldn’t get the yoke onto the pants without a lot of puckering, even though I clipped the seams a lot to try and get it to stretch more. (Thus the stray threads at the waistband.) So I ended up having to take the seams in a bit near the top of the pants, to try and work out some of that excess cloth. Thankfully, I can still get them on (though I have to do the hip shimmy thing to make it work!)

Had a little bit of trouble with the fly front, namely because I ended up sewing it shut when doing the external stitching. I wish I could say it was an accident, but I think it was just a case of not knowing how to construct it. Once I went to put the yoke on, I realized my mistake and (with the help of a pair of RTW pants so I could see what it was supposed to look like) fixed it. But it’s not bad for my first fly front since I was a teenager! (Probably better than that one was, actually.) So that gets me one step closer to what is currently my sewing Holy Grail (since I’m in no position to get to make myself a wedding dress) –jeans that fit!

I’m really glad I have a serger now. I know I’ve had it since February, but since it was a combined birthday/Christmas gift for this year, I’ll say it again. Having that was the best thing that could have happened to these pants, because the fabric got so easily frayed and without it, I probably would have had to double-stitch a bunch of seams to try and keep the fabric from pulling apart within a couple wearings. Or French-seam all the straight ones. And then it would have taken twice as long. The pattern instructions actually did call for French-seaming the outer curved edge of the pockets, but I just regular stitched it and then serged the edges instead. Probably not quite the couture thing that the Vogue pattern was going for, but I’m glad I did it, because I’m certain that the pocket seam would have showed through the front of the legs with that excess bulk. It’s just that kind of fabric. I’m also thinking that it’s a good thing I decided to skip the back welt pockets, because I probably would have rectangles showing through on my backside–not a good thing, when I’m going to be wearing this to conduct a band at their Christmas program and that’s what all their parents are going to be seeing!)

No pictures yet, because I don’t want to take them before I sew on the hooks and eyes. And, well, I would like to get the hemming done first so they’re actually done. Maybe I’ll get that done later today. We’ll see, because Joy and I are going to be spending the afternoon blueifying Susannah’s wedding dress again. And dyeing her shoes. I’ve never dyed shoes before, so this should be an interesting experience!!

Edit, 11:24 AM: Trying out a new color scheme, because I’m feeling festive. I really wish I was better at this HTML editing… I can’t figure out how to change the tag boxes at the bottom of the posts from that clashy blue-grey! And I can’t pick a new template, because I can’t remember how I got my scrolling sidebars on here. Meh.


8 thoughts on “Taming the Pants Monster, part 5

  1. Congrats on getting the pants fit right! That’s one feat I’ve never managed though each year I promise myself that THIS will be the year I finally figure it all out. So great job taming that pants monster!!


  2. Congrats on the pants! A serger does make a world of difference, especially when it comes to the professional look inside the garment.For the “clashy blue-grey tag boxes at the bottom of the posts”, there’s a line in the HTML that reads “.post-footer { background: #577; “, that appears to be the blue-gray color. Hope that helps! [/I’m such a geek]


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