Friday Favorites, Episode 29

It’s baaaaaaack!!

And loaded with stuff, as I did end up being able to get my bookmarks back, so this is the pared-down version of three week’s worth of stuff.

So I’ll sort it into categories.

Stuff people made that I liked:

Angry chicken’s shadow box/thumb puppet theater was just too fun. And though she’s been quieter as of late, I really enjoyed reading Lydia‘s post about a Martha Stewart roasted chicken recipe. I swear, the girl should be a food writer. The photography and the way she describes things never fails to make me hungry! And Whip Up featured a dress made entirely from fabric selvedges, and (of all things) a puppet made from old t-shirts, of…an earthworm. Finally, I was glad to see Krustallos‘ pattern review for a McCall jeans pattern— I think I have this same one to try next in my quest for the perfect pair of jeans. And since I have that gapping in the back issue with jeans all the time, good to know that I’ll probably have to make those adjustments!

Tutorials galore!!

I get blank envelopes on a pretty regular basis, from students who pay me in cash. So I’m looking forward to trying these envelope books featured at Recycled Crafts. They also had a tutorial for making new packaging boxes from old ones– just in time for holiday gift-wrapping–and a bag made from woven labels. I loved the look of it– reminds me of those Starburst wrapper chains I used to make! Over at Little Sweet Hearts, she made a tutorial for Hana Kanzashi— those hair flowers that are featured in Memoirs of a Geisha. At Crafting a Green World, someone figured out how to make shrinky dinks from the type of plastic that disposable cups are made from– I really want to try this for a scrapbook! And there were a whole slew of things at Whip Up: A pencil case that looked like a bunny. A chipmunk plushie made from a glove. (I kind of want to try it as a squirrel, since a couple of my friends and I have a lot of inside jokes about squirrels.) A flower garland from old catalogues. Another flower, in the form of a pincushion wrist cuff. And if that wasn’t enough, they pointed me to a post by The Princess and the Monkey, that’s an entire list of sewing tutorials for everything from bags to plushies. A lot of it is kid-oriented, but that should help a lot when I’m having to make gifts for my friends!

Cool blog of the week:
A heads-up from ThreadBanger, who pointed me towards Dollar Store Crafts. The entire blog is dedicated to upcycled crafts made from stuff found in dollar stores and bargain bins. I’m checking out the wearables category and my favorite so far is the “Eight Dollar Corset“. The stained glass is fun too, as is their tattooed soap!

And with that, wrapping it up for today, as I need time to actually, you know, craft.


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