Taming the Pants Monster, part 4

Or, several notes to myself in tweaking the pants pattern. This post is pretty much just for myself so I can find it quickly. If I write it down on paper, I’ll be sure to lose it in my messy living space.

Pants side seams: 1″

Yoke side seams: widening from 3/4″ where it joins the pants, to 1 1/4″ at top.

Yoke back seam: widening from 5/8″ where it joins the pants, to 1 3/8″ at top.

Crotch seam: tapering from 1 3/4″ in back to 5/8″– end of tapering approx. 1 1/4″ from center, in front.

New pocket join point: ~1″ from notch (pants side), away from center front.

Pants side and yoke side front notch: 7/8″ apart. (Same for back double notches, actually.)

Next trick: How to actually transfer all of this to the pattern, so I’ll be ready to cut out the black version.

Next next trick: Jacket muslin. Finishing the striped pants will have to wait, seeing as how I have only 32 days to actually get the pantsuit ready to wear! More like 20, if you count all the days (i.e. Mondays and Tuesdays) where I get done work/dinner/all that too late to have presence of mind to sew/the days I’m working on S’s wedding dress!


One thought on “Taming the Pants Monster, part 4

  1. I cut out and half-finished pants from a free Burda pattern…and there they sit while I mess with other projects. At least you’ll actually finish these! I love that wide waistband, and the stripey fabric. Do you watch Top Chef? Nobody stands out yet, except that tall woman with the glasses. I have a feeling she’s going to be TC’s “Stella.” You know…at first you can’t stand her, but somehow she grows on you.


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