Simplification is good, right?

So it looks like I might not be making a bunch of Christmas gifts after all. Last Christmas, I had a party for the girls where we watched Christmas movies and ate fondue– was talking to J and C on the backpacking trip I went on this weekend, and the subject of holiday plans came up. And we decided that yes, we are interested in doing the party again. J also had a good idea for the gift exchange portion–instead of everyone giving gifts to everyone, everyone just gets one gift card to the place of their choice for a pre-set amount, and then we white elephant it. And since nearly every friend I was going to make a gift for would be invited to this party, if it happens, that would eliminate the need to make most of them gifts. I’d still make them for J and C, since they’re my two best friends, and for T since she wouldn’t be coming. And for anyone who couldn’t come. But otherwise…

Part of me is a little disappointed because I’d finally come up with an idea for everyone! But simplification is good, right? Especially seeing as of… *checks clock* oh, now, I owe B for two birthdays and need to make her stuff for that. Once she picks the fabric. And that I absolutely have to get a pantsuit done by December 17 (the concert that I’m conducting band for) that I haven’t started the muslin for yet. Not to mention finish arranging the music that the band will be playing for said concert. And am in dire need of pants that aren’t jeans. And slightly less dire need of jeans that actually fit me for once in my life. (And, um, I really want to make my satin-backed flannel pjs…and do some more recons…)

Also means I need to rethink my weekend crafting plans– since I’ll be at T’s house, my plan was to bring stuff to make gifts for several of my friends. But since I won’t be doing that, and I don’t want to haul my sewing machine down there and make a bunch of noise while I’m trying to maintain conversations with her and C, I’ll probably end up breaking out the road trip album again. Who knows– I just might finish it this year like I’d hoped to after all!

And I guess I can save the gift ideas for birthdays, right?


One thought on “Simplification is good, right?

  1. Ah, I know how you feel… I’m starting to feel panicky about having enough time to make my Christmas gifts (It’s November!?! Already?!?!?) BUT… I LOVE making gifts for people… Oh well, like you said, the idea will last and there are always birthdays and Christmas next year…


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