Treasure Jar!!

I’ve spent much of the last two days in thrift stores, it seems. Went to all four of the stores in my area–3 Goodwills and a Salvation Army. The goal being to look for stuff I could possibly use for Christmas gift jewelry. The first Goodwill (last night’s) and the Salvation Army were rather disappointing (though I did find some reconstructable clothes and a good shirt to wear as-is at the Goodwill). But I did have some luck at the other two. For one, I found these different jewelry pieces– mostly purchased for reconstruction purposes, but I like the purple and silver earrings as is. And I like the black necklace too, but I have a lot of black jewelry so that might get reconstructed too.

But THIS was what really got me excited. Not a jar, really– a vase filled with old jewelry stuff and all covered in packing tape. The whole jar, for $10. So I figured I’d take my chances– my inner pirate was coming out, I think. Hoping for buried treasure. Arrrrrrr. (This picture was taken before I opened it, btw.)

And this is what was inside!

I liked these earrings as is. Aren’t the cherry studs just too cute?

I wish this was stretchy– it would make the perfect armband for my Cleopatra costume, if I need to make one for New Year’s!

These swirly earring bits were fun too- a bit plain as is, but might be a good base for some vintage-style jewelry. If I can find something for a necklace to go with.

I like that blue-green pin thing. Which has no back. So if I can find a way to put holes in it, I’m so using it for a necklace. (And look at the green acorns! I’m trying to decide whether I love or hate them.)

Bunch of random beaded things that will likely get deconstructed….

In the category of what the heck?

There was some crap in there. Earrings made from 80s craft plastic (I remember playing with it when I was a kid), pins made from stiffened cloth, Mardi Gras beads, and 3 little plastic toys. But overall, I think I found more treasures than trash. Now to just figure out what to make with all this booty!

One thought on “Treasure Jar!!

  1. Oh, my gosh, that really is treasure! You must feel the way I did after buying a baggie full of trims the other day. It was at an Amish store in Ohio, and I paid about 50 cents for it all…and found yards and yards of all kinds of laces and eyelets–certainly worth ten times more than I paid! Can’t wait to see what you do with all the goodies.


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