So these are the pillows I mentioned in my last post, for the girl whose room my Bible study is re-doing. I was given the fabric on Sunday night– basically, it’s lining fabric, but it was the right color and not very expensive. I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up though, since it’s such lightweight stuff, so I had to doctor it up a bit.

First step: Turn it into quilted fabric. I used the varigated thread left over from serging the sheer edges of that plum skirt I recently fixed and some scrap batting that was courtesy of my quilter mother. Drew the lines on with some chalk first, and that made it a lot faster–especially since the lines were 3″ apart! Seriously, I was able to quilt an entire pillow’s worth in about 45 minutes. I would have finished that part on Sunday night, except the machine I was using (not mine) stopped taking more than a couple stitches at a time. In my slightly brain-muddled state, it took me till the next day to figure out that the problem was the machine had become partially unthreaded! Doh!

Next step: It needed something. So I got some beaded trim at Joann’s (hurrah for 50% off coupons!)– the color scheme of the room is purple and silver, so I figured this would go well. Besides, adds a little fun that will hopefully make these work well into her teen years. So I spent Tuesday night finishing up the quilting, basting this around the edge, and sewing the actual pillows together. Had a bit of a setback because the bobbin ran out of thread and I didn’t notice–hate when that happens! So it took a little longer than I expected.

Finished these up last night with some very creative hand-sewing. I say creative, because I was trying not to stitch the thread over the bead ribbon so it was visible. So I ended up doing this sort of funky weaving in and out between the main fabric and the side of the trim that wasn’t basted to the other side of the main fabric. I hope it holds…
Anyway, the woman who started the project loved them, when I handed them over to her this afternoon. Hopefully the girl will too.
On a side note, I have another article up on Crafting A Green World, as of yesterday! So feel free to check it out. 🙂

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