Congratulations, Leanne!

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Unlike last year, I was quite happy with how last night’s Project Runway finale played out. Leanne was totally deserving of the win, IMO– her collection was the most cohesive, I thought the wave and water inspiration showed through really well without being costumey, and I absolutely love that she made a point of saying that a large portion of her collection was made using sustainable fabrics!! I wasn’t sure about her at first, but she really grew on me as a designer throughout the season. And I still want to make something inspired by her skirt from the New York challenge.
I am glad Korto was the runner-up, as well. I liked her collection too– great colors, and some really innovative stuff. And I thought it was just adorable when she brought her daughter up on the runway for the final walk-off! I’d felt like she’d kind of been choking near the end, but for making two completely new looks for the final collection in so short a time, I think she pulled it off well.
Kenley’s collection wasn’t bad. But I did think that that floral dress that the judges were saying was a copycat of some designer did look kind of like a grandma print. And I have to admit, the “oh crap” look on her face when they found out that Tim Gunn was going to be the guest judge was kind of priceless!
Ok, off to work. Later today: the blouse I finished last night.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Leanne!

  1. I still wish Korto had won, but I’m glad to see it was Leanne if not Korto. You know I thought Leanne was boring at first (I still think she should do something with that hair) but she really proved herself to be innovative. Besides, there didn’t seem to be the ‘drama’ from her that we saw in the others. It’s nice that a ‘normal’ person has a chance for great success!


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