Still plugging away…

Got the panel in S’s wedding dress fixed to her satisfaction on Sunday. So next week, the “blueifying” begins.

Spent a little time tonight working on my blouse– got the facings sewn in, and the cuffs sewn togtether. I hauled my machine up to my room so I could simultaneously chat with a friend on IM, and so was too lazy to go downstairs and press seams and all. So I’ll finish this tomorrow, hopefully.

Finding myself getting into a scrapbooking kick again– figures, since I have a pile of sewing with deadlines coming up! So I’m trying to work some prep stuff in, like figuring out exactly what I need to do to get caught up on my backlog of the past 5 years (got behind in grad school and never quite caught up), figuring out what I need to make layouts of from this year, etc. Will also need to sit down and figure out what I still need to develop for photos.

I’m figuring that I’ll just aim to finish the road trip album this year, since it’s already mid-October and I have a lot of stuff I need to get done in the next few months craft-wise. Like Christmas gifts for several of my friends. And the pantsuit I want to make before the band concert in mid-December, which will require a muslin being made first. BurdaStyle is having another mini-challenge, this one based on recucling, and I already have a project in mind since I was planning on doing it for a Crafting a Green World article. (I’m working on a miniseries of articles pertaining to clothing refashioning.) And it is something I sort of need in the near future. I also have two more pants I have to make muslins of and sew– I’ve had the fabric for one of them for two years now!! And, as of Saturday, I have some flannel-backed satin to make myself some new winter pjs. I guess I just wanted something luxurious-looking but comfortable, and am beginning to feel like just because I’m single doesn’t mean I should resign myself to sleeping in grungy flannel with sleeves that are too short! In fact, I sent all the pjs with too-short sleeves to Goodwill! And then there’s also the shirt I’m slowly embroidering the trim for. But once I get that done, it’ll come together fast. And the fabric I was originally going to make the Eva jacket out of. And so on.

But anyway, going back to the scrapbooking, I’m thinking that I’m going to try and get a little more caught up on that during the couple of months where I’m not working at the garden center and will therefore have more time. Hopefully by then I’ll have gotten those wintery things I wanted to make done. And I can work on that in my room, if I get the supplies I’ll want to use all set beforehand (like I like to do so that I can just blitz through pages). Which will be good, since I get cold sewing in the basement that time of year and don’t want to be down there anyway!


One thought on “Still plugging away…

  1. I really need to get back to my scrapbooking, but I’m more into sewing and crochet these days. I’m making a bride costume for the little girl I babysit–I’ll have to blog about that soon!


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