Saturday refashions

I’d been pulling a lot of late nights this past week, so I’d fully intended to go to bed shortly after seeing if Sanctuary was going to be any good, so I could try and catch up on a little lost sleep. (Yes, I am a geek, and proud of it!) But as I was removing my stack of recon-potentials from my bed, inspiration struck at around 11:30! So I was up past midnight (again) cutting, pinning and seam-ripping to turn these…

(one hoodie with a lame logo, passed down from my mom, plus one too-short tank top)

…into this.
I also shortened the sleeves to 3/4, because they were a bit too short on my long arms, and adding enough fabric to make them a good length after removing the cuffs would have been so wide that it would have looked really dumb. And I need a few 3/4 casual shirts for weekends, as well as long-sleeved.

I also took this skirt that my mom made for me several years ago, I think during one of my busier college periods when I couldn’t sew as much…

From sew and so

…which was a little longer than mid-calf (which is a really bad length on me), and shortened it to this.

From sew and so

Now it hits just above my knee. Much better, don’t you think? And I’m also proud of myself, because I taught myself to use the blind hem stitch/foot on my machine, using an old sewing book for reference. It worked pretty well, once I figured out which way I was supposed to fold everything. I don’t think I’ll use it on everything, because some fabrics just demand the slightly more invisible hand stitching, but for casual skirts, this is going to be a huge time-saver!


5 thoughts on “Saturday refashions

  1. Wow, thanks for stopping by…I am in awe of your sewabilities…I soooo can’t sew…not even a straight line…on that 3rd card it is a stamp btw…thanks!


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