Gypsy blouse, version 1.5 (and some refashioning ponderings)

I did finish it tonight. After taking the ruffles off and trying it on to see where to put the lacing loops, I realized that the sleeves actually looked much better without them. So instead of reattaching the ruffle to the bottom, I added an elastic casing to the sleeves to cinch them in a bit.

(A bit closer up on that, though badly colored. With the flash, it was too washed-out, and my lighting in here is rather dim for non-flash photography without natural light to supplement.)
And since I spent some time taking before pictures of my want-to-reconstruct pile, I’m posting one that I’ve been a bit stumped on for awhile. This was one of my thrift store acquisitions– a stretch polyester velvety fabric, princess seams, pretty long. I got it because I liked the color and texture (I’m a sucker for things that are silky and velvety!) But I haven’t quite figured out what to turn it into yet. If I needed another medieval (or Narnia-esque) costume on the cheap, this would be perfect. But I can’t really justify it, seeing as how I have one that’s almost the same color. So should I make this a shirt? This one might look ok, if I can figure out a way to add sleeves to the pattern to make it warmer. And this one is pretty, though I’m not sure if it would need the multi-colored dye job to look really good. Or should I try for a less-frumpy dress, maybe like this? Or this? For awhile I was thinking maybe a bathrobe-type thing, but there’s no way the arms of this would fit over any of my winter pjs! Hmm….

2 thoughts on “Gypsy blouse, version 1.5 (and some refashioning ponderings)

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