Friday Favorites, Episode 26

Trying to make this quick, because I have to do some dusting and want to do some sewing!

1. Craft Leftovers had a tutorial for making small boxes for gifts– just in time for my starting to think of Christmas!

2. At, there was this really great pictoral tutorial for making roses out of colored maple leaves. I love this idea– great fall decoration, not tacky, and completely biodegradeable at the end (assuming the wire would rust away). (Linked through ThreadBanger.)

3. Over at Laura’s Sewing Room, she showed a trenchcoat that she recently finished. It just really makes me think of the mod part of the 60s. Which is good.

4. Lindsay at Lindsay T Sews featured a beginner’s guide to fabric shopping in NYC’s fashion district. I wish I’d had this for the one time I went, because we had no idea where to start!

5. Wardrobe Refashion picks of the week: This dress. And this top.

Ok, time to get some necessary stuff done. Like dusting and getting stuff out of the dryer. And then, hoping to finish the gypsy blouse tonight! And I went through my pile of stuff to refashion and took pictures of most of it (minus some of the t-shirts) so I can start thinking of what I’m going to do to them. Debating whether to post some of it up here… that would be a really picture-heavy post!


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