Why is Kenley still in? Everyone agreed they were tired of her attitude. And her whole me vs. them thing with the rest of the designers was really obnoxious. And her dress looked like a dragon, not a flower. Booooo.

But at least Korto’s still in.

I also managed to get the stampings and rub-ons done for 4 pages of the road trip album. Quit trying after that…I was just not in the frame of mind to be productive.


5 thoughts on “Nooo!!

  1. I totally agree. I understood last season when both Rami and Chris were totally deserving of the chance to show at Bryant Park, so why do all 4 of these designers have to compete again? Just chunk Kenley and be done with it!


  2. A few people over at David Dust’s blog suggested Kenley needs to be stabbed in the neck with a knife (in last week’s comments)–I think it would be more like poetic justice if it was scissors. Nobody can stand that b*tch. She’s immature, mean and not all that talented. I didn’t see the show last night. We were watching “Criminal Minds” and I fell asleep before the re-run at 11. I’m also glad to hear that Korto’s still in! Now I have to check the site and see what’s there. I’m curious to see what a dragon dress looks like, LOL!


  3. I still think Kenley’s was the worst. The lace and beading certainly wasn’t Korto’s best idea ever, but I really did like the silhouette of the dress from the front. And I don’t think the color was THAT bad! Maybe it would have worked better if she’d found a way to do that graduated color thing, like the way the inspiration flower went from yellow at the top to more of a deeper orange at the bottom.


  4. Kenley’s dress looked like it was made from a knit fabric. Was it? It kind of looked like something an old streetwalker would wearI wasn’t crazy about Korto’s dress, but it wasn’t awful, at least! It just needed something to punch it up a bit. Imagine it with the right kind of jewelry and it would be perfect.


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