I had a dream last night…

…that I gave up on the gypsy blouse and decided to give it to my friend B. With one sleeve ruffle off and most of the loops missing from that sleeve. It fit her very well, but she didn’t want to give it back to me so I could re-attach the lacing loops and ruffle. Is this some kind of sign that I just need to finish this?

I haven’t done anything crafty in the last couple of days, because I haven’t had the time. But my brain is suddenly being overwhelmed with ideas. Particularly for sewing. I want to finish these two blouses quickly. I need to make some pants that actually fit me– I discovered the other day that the black pants I wear all the time are getting rather worn around the seams, and will be developing holes before much longer. So I need work pants, and therefore need to get some muslin to try the three pants patterns I’ve got! And, with the weather getting cooler, I’m suddenly having a craving to make some pajamas– for some reason, I was thinking about my winter pajama collection. And while I have two sets that are still warm and comfy (and one that’s really fun), most of the wintery pajamas I have are either too short in the arms for me, or hand-me-downs that have tank tops. Which might work for my mom, but I get cold! So I’m thinking I may need to treat myself to some flannel-backed satin or something, so I can make myself a new set that’s fun and cute and still warm.

And then I have to start thinking of end-of-year Christmas/birthday gifts– I have ideas for a couple of friends, I’m hoping to make a few things using fabric pieces I already have so I can save myself a bit of money. December’s usually a leaner month on my teaching work, and the garden center is closed during January and February, so I’m going to be doing a lot of stash-busting craftiness those couple of months! I know I will have to buy some fabric–B’s birthday is coming up in about a month. Here’s the story: she got her first solo apartment last fall, so for her birthday I gave her a “gift certificate” that said I would sew her one thing of her choice for her apartment. Which she was thrilled about. But between working and going back to school full-time, she never actually got around to deciding what she wanted, despite my periodic reminders. So now I sort of owe her for her last birthday and this one. She’s moving into a new apartment with a roommate soon, and we were talking recently. I’m going to just bring a fabric catalog with me the next time I see her, and she already knows she wants pillows and a tablecloth, so I’m just going to have her pick some fabric and I’ll order/sew it. (I’m hoping she finds a third she likes too, so I can get that for the Christmas present I have in mind for her– she’s just about to get a degree in interior design, and her tastes in fabric designs are rather different from mine for the most part, so I try to be very careful about getting stuff for her!)

And if that wasn’t enough, I’m wanting to do some serious scrapbooking work too! But I still don’t feel like I can really do anything until I’m done with the road trip album. So I’m thinking I may spend some crafty time tonight working on that– easy to do in front of the tv. But I really need to get some pictures and papers matched up, because I haven’t done a single scrapbook page for any events that have happened this year, and it’s October now!

So many crafts, so little time….


One thought on “I had a dream last night…

  1. I hope you do finish that blouse, because it’s so pretty! I think you should aim to wear it on Thanksgiving Day!I’ve started some Christmas gift projects, too. I’m making a doll wardrobe for the little girl I babysit. So far, I’ve cut out a yellow coat and I crocheted a turquoise jumper. I’m using what I already have on hand.I need to get yarn for the afghan I’m making my son, because the ‘beige’ I have doesn’t match what I already used. So I guess I’ll be hitting Michael’s soon!


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