weekend craftiness

I’m really liking this not having teaching on Friday thing. I do hope I get some students at that music school eventually, but for now, the extra crafty time is nice! So here’s what I did…

Started on a new shirt. I decided to modify the front of the pattern I used for the spring fever blouse. Which also gave me a chance to play with my new curved ruler thingy.
So I traced out the top part of the pattern…
…made a new seam allowance under the bust…
…and changed the rest of the dart into a seam.
Recognize this fabric? It’s exactly like the stuff I used for the Emily blouse, but in brown. This is one of the pieces that my mom gave me for Christmas last year. But since it was so similar, I didn’t want to do another vertically striped blouse. So this is the reason I chopped up the front– so I could do a zig-zag effect.
And this is what it should look like when it’s done. Hopefully the stripes will still match up after I sew it!
Also spent pretty much all of yesterday in the kitchen, so I could stock up the freezer with meals to pull out for my rushed teaching nights. So I made shepherd’s pie, miniature chicken pot pies with a baked mashed potato side, sweet & sour pork, and cooked up the last of those assemble-and-freeze type meals left from a girl’s night last year (we went to one of those stores where you make a couple meals and take them home to bake later). Went really well until the shepherd’s pie, which was my last dish and supposedly my easiest– I had so much trouble with the mashed potatoes! My dad eventually ended up helping me get them creamy with an applesauce maker, because he was holding out for that one for dinner.
I also managed to get one of the ruffles off of the sleeve to that gypsyish blouse I just made. (Took awhile, because between the serging and the embroidery, I had to be very careful about which stitches I took out!) So hopefully I can get that wearable soon.

2 thoughts on “weekend craftiness

  1. Mmmm, shepherd’s pie! I love it, myself. Mike isn’t a fan, because he doesn’t like potatoes. So I hardly ever make it. I should make myself some individual portions to freeze for lunches.The blouse is going to be beautiful! I love the ‘chevron’ look of the stripes. I’m sure they’ll match up beautifully. It’s been ages since I bothered to do anything requiring matching!


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