the briefest of updates

Blouse status: got the back lacing in. It does help a lot. Sleeves are still puffy, but I’m afraid I can’t take them in without making it too tight across the back or something.

Road trip scrapbook status: Worked on it while taking an online defensive driving course on Saturday. Got about 24 pages’ worth with stamping and rub-on.

Blog status: Will be taking this week off of Friday Favorites, as I will be in Virginia Beach. Leaving tomorrow afternoon, and coming back Saturday. So I won’t really be doing any crafting the rest of the week. See you all later!

One thought on “the briefest of updates

  1. I hope you had a nice trip!I gotta tell ya…I might have been VERY wrong when I said Leanne was boring. There was a big article about the final 6 in our paper (Long Island Newsday) that says she’s a favorite. Hmmmm…honestly, though, I checked out the blog about PR (not David’s) and looking over the collections, I like Korto and Joe. I really would like to see Korto win. Leanne’s collection is interesting, but nothing really jumps out at me. But what do I know…I’m neither young nor modern, LOL!


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