Not quite what I was going for…

I’m thinking I may have to rethink my pattern size. A couple years ago, I went up to a size 14, because 12 was proving to be too small in certain curvier areas of my anatomy. 14 was always a little too big, so I got used to taking things in as I sewed them. I think I’m kind of right in between the two. But this shirt that I’m working on now is just huge. Not huge as in hanging off of me, but it’s just really…puffy.

I think I know what will work. I’m doing the view that has lacing on the sleeves (which is the pink one the model is wearing), so I think I’m just going to rip the back darts out some and add some lacing there, too. And then try and figure out a way to take it in under the arms some. I think that just might do the trick. Here’s hoping…

4 thoughts on “Not quite what I was going for…

  1. That sounds like it’ll solve your problem, plus it’ll add a nice detail to the top. That’s the thing with patterns, they’re great for getting a custom fit, but finding a pattern close enough to your size, and then resizing in certain areas can be such a pain in the neck!


  2. I made that shirt for my daughter a year or so ago…and you know what? I was huge. I’ve found most of the New Looks I sew tend to run larger than most of the other big 4 pattern companies. I think you’re solution just might work plus it will really make it one of a kind.


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