Friday Favorites, Episode 23 (and a craft quickie)

Ah, Fridays… all sorts of various goodies this week!

First off, I loved these cards that angry chicken posted on her blog. I believe they’re a takeoff of something (though I’ve never seen cards like that in the store), but the combination of the simple design and the snarky phrases are just so fun.

Over at Cramzy, there was this really neat “shisha” embroidery. At first glance, I thought it was a necklace. I still kind of wish it was. Or that I had the patience to try that, because that would look so cool on a skirt or something! But I think one embroidery project at a time is enough for me!

Crafting a Green World pick of the week: a link list of all the organic/eco-friendly fabrics they’ve featured so far. So now I know where to look the next time I want to fabric-shop! (And that reminds me, I really need to start working on another article…)

My Half of the Brain had a link to a tutorial for a “pinch pouch”. Kind of reminds me of these plastic canvas thingys that my mom and grandmother would make when I was a kid, where you pinched the corners and you could fit a Hershey’s Kiss inside. Only it’s fabric, and without the pipe-cleaner antlers to give it that reindeer look…

Over at Recycled Crafts, there was a feature on recycling tin cans into candle holders. I absolutely love the one pictured– it has this kind of Moroccan/Middle-East feel to it that I really like.

And finally, the fourth Carnival of Green Crafts is up at Whip Up. I’ve already emailed my two crocheter friends a link to the star-shaped dishcloths with recycled bag plastic in the center for scrubbing purposes. And my cd jewelry article was in there, so that was a surprise!

From sew and so

Also made this drawstring pouch last night. There’s a wipe-off board in the room I’m teaching band in, and the school gave me a pack of markers/eraser/board cleaner. So I’m going to keep them in this bag. The fabric was from some free samples that my mom was given. There were all sorts of fun tropical prints and such… I’ll admit the reason I chose this particular one was so I wouldn’t have to bother changing the thread after the Eva jacket!

And, since this is one of the first Friday afternoons I haven’t had to work in a really long time that I didn’t take off for traveling purposes or weddings (no students at the one music school yet for me, so I’m going to enjoy the free time while it lasts!), I am off to the sewing room. I’m hoping I can finish my blouse today. And maybe also pasting down the pics for my road trip scrapbook. My tentative plan for tomorrow, provided that almost-Hurricane Hanna doesn’t knock the power out (as has been threatened), is to spend the day working on machine-stitching on pages while watching the DVD-ROM for my defensive driving insurance discount. I mean, I have to do something to keep my brain from checking out for that, right? 😛


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