This is my 250th post!!

And I have two projects today to show for it!

Shortly before she got married a few months ago, my friend J gave me this fabric wall hanging that she’d had for years but didn’t really have the wall space for–she said she figured I’d find something creative to do with it.

So it ended up as this…

The borders and the backing are made from fabric that I dyed during my hippie crafstravaganza— the idea was to match the colors to the blue/green/purple sections of the tapestry, and I think I did well! I got the borders and the backing all done over the weekend, so all I had to do today was to topstitch the edges, and then I also stitched around the outer black edge and the Beatles block sections (to keep the blanket from separating). I’d also like to make a bag or something to keep this in, but that can wait.

Also finished today– the corduroy Eva! I’m happy with it overall–can’t button it, but I sewed on buttons anyway for the look of the thing. I don’t know if it’s the way the waist is so defined compared to the top or what, but it really seems to have some kind of vintage equestrian vibe to me.

So that makes these buttons rather appropriate!!
In other crafty news: Spent some time last night trying to get all of the pages where the pictures were basically pasted down in my scrapbook. Also spent some time with a few pieces of cardboard destined for the recycle bin, trying to make dividers for the bulkier pages to get the book to close flatter. It worked…but now I’m getting a little concerned that I just might not be able to fit the rest of the pages in there! Maybe if I superglue the snaplock things down once they’re in… and I am planning on making a fabric cover for it, so maybe I should make it with a closing tab to help keep it together…

5 thoughts on “This is my 250th post!!

  1. Oh, my gosh, the jacket came out beautifully! I sure hope the jacket I’m working on is half as nice. I don’t have awesome buttons for it or that pretty fabric, but you do inspire me!The Beatles quilt would have made my sister swoon back in the 60s. Well, okay, me, too. But she was the lucky one who got to see them in concert. Happy 250th!!


  2. Congrats on 250 posts! I was a Beatles fan only because my older brother was crazy about them – and I was crazy about my older brother. Pretty cool what you did with the wall hanging – you’re friend was right…she knew you’d figure out something creative.


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