Ahhh, fall.

Yes, I know that technically it’s still summer, but my work schedule disagrees! So I’m going to make this a very rapid update, as I have to leave for a very full workday.

Weekend crafting projects: Nothing finished, but several almosts. The beach blanket I’m making is close to done, as is my Eva jacket. Spent Sunday working on the former and last night getting all the handwork done for the latter, while C was over and we watched stuff and she crocheted. Then, since the handwork was done and I didn’t want to haul my machine upstairs for buttonholes, I started working again on my road trip scrapbook. Which I made some great progress on– lots of incomplete pages, but as far as just getting the photos stuck done on the page goes, I only have about 21 pages left to do! Then it’s just going back and adding all the little quick embellishy things I’m doing.

I have a surprisingly short workday (for me) on Wednesdays so far– I will actually be done by 5:00!! So I’m hoping that tomorrow, I will have sewing projects to show.


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