Friday Favorites, Episode 21

I know the last few weeks’s posts have been rather short, so this week is making up for it with a vengeance! For simplification, I’m going to divide these into categories.

Finished projects I enjoyed:

First up is Oonaballoona, who cranked out a bunch of gorgeous clothes that she made with some really great fabric that she got for really cheap. I’m jealous of that. Plus she has a really good story to go along with it. Aimee at Wardrobe Refashion inspired me with a great jeans-to-skirt makeover that is a bit different than the norm. Creative Kismet posted this cute t-shirt that she made for her son– I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for somewhat off-beat and corny t-shirt slogans (like from one of my favorite t-shirt sites.)

Recycled craft goodies:

Round #2 of the Carnival of Green Crafts went up this week. Particularly fun was a bottlecap-decorated photo frame that came with a haiku! Crafting a Green World featured an idea for a skirt made from bandanas and some jewelry made from old flip flops.

Tutorials that rocked:

ThreadBanger had an entire post of links to skirt tutorials, because one can never have too many skirts. My personal faves are the 2-layered gold and pink wrap skirt, the “petticoat for the ages”, and the Better Homes and Gardens (I know, I know, but the print mix is fun!) skirt. At CraftSanity, there was a tutorial for how to make felt fortune cookies. So cute. I also stumbled across a blog called Sewing Tutorials, which is exactly what it says– a gathered collection of tutorials on how to do all sorts of clothing-related things, like alter patterns for fitting adjustments, add side pockets to pants and skirts, etc. Finally, since I had some time to look for some new blogs this week, I found this amazing tea wallet over at Krustallos. It folds up into this little pouch, but fits six tea bags. I can already think of at least two friends that it would be a perfect gift for! Definitely want to make one for myself, for when I’m traveling and need to bring tea with me.

All right, that’s all for today. Happy weekend, everyone! I know I’m thrilled that it’s finally Friday…


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