a few small things

The last two days have seen a few quick projects. #1 on the list, this magnet. I spent most of yesterday when I was home cleaning my room (it needed it badly!) and so didn’t have time to do any serious crafting. I did, however, find this squirrel sticker that was given to me by one of my friends. (Several of us have a long-running joke involving squirrels and the mafia. You sort of had to be there, I guess. At least at our college.) I also found a magnet that I had been given by my bank. So I ended up layering the sticker on top of the bank magnet and trimming off the excess sticker/magnet (the original sticker was an oval) to make a magnet that was much more fun.

Then tonight I made these two sets of clip-on earrings for my friend S. She doesn’t have pierced ears, so I got some clips to make her bridesmaid earrings for J’s wedding. Since I had a few pairs left, she requested that I make her a few more earrings–she recently got engaged herself, and wanted some new earrings for her trip to meet her in-laws (her fiance and his family live all the way over in Australia!) It would have been three pairs, but I discovered in the process of making them that one of the tigereye beads I was going to make the third pair from wasn’t drilled through all the way! So I guess I’ll be making the third pair when she comes over on Sunday and picks out more beads.

I also cut out the test version of my Eva jacket on Monday, and I’ve been working a bit on basting it together. Doing a kind of last-minute hangout with C and T this weekend, and I know there’s going to be at least two movies involved, so I’m bringing that to work on as well. (Hand-basting it so I don’t mark up the corduroy, just in case I need to make fitting adjustments–the whole point of using this instead of muslin, besides fabric weight considerations, was to not chop up a bunch of fabric only to throw it away!)

The other advantage to the hand-basting: Eva has a funky dart, as you can see here. So this is helping me figure it out.

And this is what it’s supposed to look like.

Just a few quick thoughts on Project Runway, since I finally watched it.

Blayne & Leanne’s outfit: Boring. Looks like something you’d see on any teen-oriented CW show set in southern CA.

Kelli and Daniel’s outfit: I actually thought, while the jacket was on, it wasn’t bad. At least, the jacket portion of it. Wasn’t a big fan of the wrinkly-looking skirt. I actually would have rather have seen Blayne go than Kelli, to be honest.

Jerell and Stella: The outfit that I kind of wish had won. I liked the silhouette and the mix of textures a lot. And they seemed to be the one team that wasn’t laden with drama.

Korto and Joe: Huge improvement by the time it got to the runway. Another result I ended up liking.

Keith and Kenley: I like the skirt, at least in concept. I’m really not into the high-waisted thing… having the waistline end right under the chest just really makes me think of one of my childhood favorite TV shows, Family Matters, and the Steve Urkel look. But the layers were pretty cool. But I still wish that Jerell and Stella had won.

Terri and Suede: Very wearable outfit. But that’s what I’ve come to expect from Terri.


3 thoughts on “a few small things

  1. Leanne’s PR clock is ticking, loudly. I still can’t believe she hasn’t been ‘aufed’ yet. I really believe the only reason she’s still there this week is ’cause she was only a junior partner and not fully to blame. I know this is a mean thing to say, especially since I’m old enough to be her mom, but she’s dull. She’s young, healthy and actually pretty cute…if only she’d show it off a bit and stop looking like you’re a frumpy middle-aged woman. I can be frumpy with the best of ’em, and I’m middle-aged, but heck…if I was on a TV show I’d do my best to look good, LOL!I love the squirrel magnet. My baby squirrel was stuck on a tree branch during a big rainstorm yesterday. I kept opening the back door and calling out to him not to be scared. Every time I did, he turned and looked at me. So cute!


  2. I guess Keith & Kenley's outfit was, in the end, the one Brooke Shields thought was best for her character, or maybe just what Brooke wanted to wear! I liked it, too. I was very, very surprised they kept Blayne. I think it might have been b/c he will keep providing more interesting TV than Kelli would have. I felt the same way when Allison was auf'ed a couple seasons ago.Anyway, I love all the Burdastyle you're sewing up. Your Sadie turned out great and looks like Eva will, too. 🙂


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