Just a song…er, post…before I go…

Have to keep this brief, as I’m leaving for the beach tonight and still need to eat dinner and finish packing. I just got done work. But here’s what’s going on in my crafty life right now, sans pictures:

1. Yes, Mom2fur, I did get the Sadie done on Friday night. More details will be forthcoming, as will pictures. For now, I will say that it fits me perfectly (no alterations! Yay!), and that organic bamboo jersey is so comfortable it’s like running around naked, but without getting arrested for indecent exposure. I want some more. The tricky part will be finding it, since I bought it at a going out of buisness sale at Hancock Fabrics, and Joann’s is totally behind the eco-friendly times on this. At least it is here.

2. Speaking of eco-friendly, I’ve been asked to consider being a writer for Crafting A Green World. Which is both exciting and scary–exciting, because I guess that means they think my writing style is solid enough for a blog that gets wider exposure than my humble abode here, plus then I’ll get to research all sorts of crafty fun. The scary part is trying to figure out what on earth I’d write about, at least to get me started! (Suggestions welcome…)

3. I haven’t really had any time to sew this week yet. But I’m not being a bum, really! I spent some time on Sunday afternoon and evening sticking down a few more pages of photos for my road trip scrapbook. And last night, I started work on cutting out a stencil– one of the knit shirts I’ll be making soon calls for embroidery on the neckline trim, and since I’m making it in a plain cream, it kind of needs something to keep it from boring me when it’s done. So I’m adding some embroidery to it, and the stencil is to help me position the designs. I don’t want to freehand it, because, typically, the design I saw and liked is complicated. (Ok, I’ll admit it… I blatantly stole it from one of the Lord of the Rings costumes. But most people probably won’t get that, so I can just revel in my secret geekiness.) I could do the machine embroidery, but then I would have needed more fabric to sew those pieces before cutting the rest of it out, and this was stuff in my stash, so not happening.

Next post, hopefully: an actual picture of that oh-so-comfy new tank top!


3 thoughts on “Just a song…er, post…before I go…

  1. Great opportunity to write for a bigger blog! As a reader who has seen your great creations and corresponded with you a bit (but knows not much about Crafting a Green World), a couple of ideas…1. Green, eco-, sustainable fashion and style. What does it all mean? What does that imply about our chosen hobby/ interest as sewists? I’ve been doing a tiny bit of research and for someone who has only bought fabric off the bolt from Joann for a couple of years, this can be confusing.2. How you find an inspiration garment, find a thrifted piece with the right potential and enough yardage, and achieve the end result, a la your Doolittle blouse.I know I can ramble while leaving comments for you, so I’ll stop there. I know you’ll be a great contributor! Keep us posted. 🙂


  2. I can imagine how nice that bamboo fabric feels, ’cause I have sheets made of the stuff. Soooo soft.Stopped by to see what you thought of last night’s PR, but I guess you’re busy enjoying the sand and sun!


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