Friday Favorites, Episode 19

It’s that time of the week again…

Starting things off with a lovely little tutorial for fabric coasters, courtesy of tinkerwiththis. They look like a great way to use up those little tiny fabric scraps, and the best part? Her tip for how to get the quilted lines on the back perfectly straight and even, which also happens to fall into the category of “duh, why didn’t I ever think of that?” I’ll give you a hint: it has nothing to do with those little lines on the machine plate.

Also in the category of wishing I’d thought of this: headbands made from old records. Haven’t quite figured out how to justify vinyl cuff bracelets in my “I’m trying to be a little funky but still look professional enough so you believe I know what I’m doing” teaching wardrobe. Maybe if I taught guitar. Oh well. But this is subtle enough that, provided headbands don’t look completely stupid on me, I just might be able to get away with it.

While mostly a review of the book she got the idea from, I just couldn’t resist this stamped teacup pincushion at Craft Apple. It’s just too cute not to mention.

My favorite thing at My Half of the Brain this week: Graffiti furniture. So there’s justification for every five-year old who ever took their markers to Mommy’s couch! (For the record… I never did. Not intentionally, anyway.)

I’m still quite tempted to try making my own beauty products–partially for the environmental impact, and partially because I just have not figured out what my skin likes to keep it from looking all blotchy yet, and I’m tired of buying products that don’t work. But the supplies to make those are expensive, too. So I was quite happy to see my Threadbanger pick of the week: How to make coconut oil!

This week on Crafting a Green World: going serious first, with a very thought-provoking post on consumerism and crafting and its impact on the environment. And then going more frivolous (and slightly ironic, given the first mention), with fabric colored with vegetable dyes. I wish the striped ones on the site were border prints. It looks like it would make a great hippie-influenced maxi-dress!

Last but definitely not least, three words: free clothing patterns. No, it’s not BurdaStyle, though I do have to give credit to that site for having a member who posted a very cute dress made from one of these patterns in the creations. And also to Mirela, who subsequently posted a link in her blog. I haven’t looked through them all yet, and some of the patterns look like they were stuck in the 80s (and IMHO there is no good way for that to happen, because the 80s were seriously the worst fashion decade of the twentieth century. And that is taking the 90s grunge and 70s disco influence into account.) But I have seen some things on there that I would wear. The one downside: you have to click link by link to see what they actually look like.

And now, tonight’s agenda: the Sadie tank top. If all goes according to plan, I will be wearing this tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, Episode 19

  1. I could have missed the dress from m-patterns on Burdastyle if you haven’t pointed it out! I’m glad you did; I was wondering how those patterns work, so it’s good to see one of them finished.


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