running with scissors

Spent a pretty huge chunk of today cutting things out. I got a tank top (the BurdaStyle Sadie) and a blouse (from New Look) cut out entirely, a knit top cut out roughly, and another BurdaStyle pattern taped together and cut out. Was hoping to get more done, but the blouse took awhile due to the fabric– it’s an embroidered stripe, and to get things to line up well, I had to cut a pretty good portion of it out as single layer pieces, so it took twice as long. If all goes according to plan, though, the two front pieces should be mirror images of each other. I hope.

Let’s see, PR tonight… I was actually surprised that Kenley’s dress won, after the judges’ comments about how it made the thighs look all uneven and such. Personally, I thought that Terri should have won this round, because her outfit was pretty spectacular. Especially that she was able to find fabric so close to the graffiti design. And I actually really loved Leanne’s skirt in this episode. I’d actually wear that. And I don’t say that about too many things that come onto this show. I wish the judges had something to say about Stella’s, because I have a feeling that her outfit wasn’t really anywhere remotely close to outside of her rockstar box. And if she’s just going to keep churning out the same thing every week, she can go. She annoys me anyway. I was sorry to see Emily go rather than Jennifer, if only because Emily had the better concept, even though the ruffles failed rather spectacularly. If she’d done some kind of flatter surface design with the abstract bright colors, I think it would have been brilliant. And Suede still needs to stop talking in the third person.


One thought on “running with scissors

  1. Can’t wait to see your new creations! I love Burdastyle, too – what’s the new pattern you put together and cut out yesterday? I am considering the Kasia and the JJ next. Oh, Project Runway… I wonder how much of Suede’s braggadocio is now self-mockery. I’m afraid it’s all sincere! I can’t stand much more of his proclamations that “Suede [f’in’] rocked it!”


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