Presenting….the Dahlia dress!

I finished hemming this one around 11:30 or midnight last night. A bit of a longer process than usual, since I did a lot of stopping and starting due to my wrists, which are still better than they were, but still not fully recovered. I’m absolutely loving the main fabric of it. The dress itself is from McCall’s 5624. Made a few modifications, namely raising the neckline in both the front and back by about an inch. (Good thing I did, too!) The other thing I did was to fully line it instead of just line down to the midriff.

Here’s a closeup of the fun twisty straps.

I hope maxi-dresses aren’t completely outdated next summer, because I think I really do like this one enough to make the long version. But it’s not going to happen before the end of the summer, not with everything else I need to get done!

Also put together a couple scrapbook pages for the road trip album today, at least in terms of pasting down pictures.


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