Dahlia dress progress, and other plotting

Doesn’t look like much yet, does it? But this is the lining, which I got pretty much completely done yesterday. Probably looks a bit weird with the blue panel, but on the original pattern it called for lining with the dress fabric and cutting the midriff out of the same contrast fabric. I’m figuring the more opaque fabric here will hide the seams better. I’m hoping this works out all right– I couldn’t figure out a way around the pleats at the shoulder, or the gathering at the waist. But both the lining and the outside fabric are lightweight enough that I’m hoping it won’t add a whole lot of unnecessary bulk. I’m trying to make this look as finished inside as possible, plus the white in the print made a skirt lining necessary. Either that, or wear a slip, and I’ve hated those things since I was a kid.

I would have gotten more work on it finished, but we had some pretty nasty thunderstorms roll through that pretty much forced me off the machines. So, since I’m slowly working on measuring out/cutting samples from my fabric stash, I re-discovered these several pieces of fabric, most of which I’ve figured out what I want to use them for. So here’s my plan, starting from the top left row…

Olive twill: BurdaStyle’s Nichola pants (I was debating between this and the Hikaru jacket, which I’ve loved since day 1, but I bought the fabric with the pants in mind and don’t have enough for the jacket.)

Off-white knit: Butterick 5084. I want to do the crossover embroidered neckline (plan for that TBA) with the flared sleeves. Because I love flared sleeves.

Funky brown and purplish knit: BurdaStyle’s Lydia top– a simpler style for a more complicated print.

Embroidered suedecloth stuff: a slightly modified version of BurdaStyle’s Eva jacket.

Second row, off-white embroidered cotton (the hard to see stuff): New Look 6678. Because a normal blouse would probably make me look like a country singer wanna-be in this print, but I believe this blouse will give it a perfectly acceptable hippie/Bohemian vibe.

Shiny green leafy stuff: Still slightly undecided, but leaning towards McCall’s 5235. Mainly because this is lightweight and drapey enough that it just might manage to compensate for the underbust gathering, and if I play it right, help me avoid the pregnant look.

Blue/green silky print: Undecided, and open to suggestions.

Brown striped cotton: A modified version of New Look 6407, hopefully. I know in my head how I want to do the layout, but I have to look at the fabric a little more closely and see if I can get things matched up in such a way to get the desired effect before I try.

Crinkly teal with gold embroidery: Undecided, and open to suggestions.

Egyptian-print cotton: BurdaStyle’s Jane pajamas. (Showing a user creation for this one, because I couldn’t find a model pic.)

Have a couple other ideas in the works too that aren’t shown on here. So I have plenty to keep me busy!


One thought on “Dahlia dress progress, and other plotting

  1. You’re going to have some beautiful things when you are done! The crinkly teal makes me think of Indian garments, so how about a tunic of some kind? RE: Project Runway…I honestly have to admit I didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘green’ fabric. I thought they meant the color green at first, LOL! You are right, there wasn’t much of a selection. Sending models with NO idea what they were doing to buy the stuff was stupid. Well, I guess they have to make it hard.LOL…maybe the grocery store challenge was greener than this one. At least it could give someone the idea to reuse an old tablecloth! Suede is a weirdo, but a cute weirdo. I guess they need at least one per season. I can’t remember her name, but the biker chick is even weirder. She’s a little old for pigtails. Not sure if it was here, but I think there was a shot of her with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She actually looked pretty, instead of dark and creepy. I do have to give her lots of kudos for making a wearable and pretty dress with just a bit of an edge to it. Maybe she won’t be going home soon, after all.


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