A slight miscalcultion, and other ponderings

I was right– I wasn’t up to doing anything creative after work on Saturday. I suspected I wouldn’t be, so I just chilled and got really excited about cutting out my latest project on Sunday. Which I did. But, as you can see in the picture, I grossly overestimated how much fabric I was actually going to need for this dress! It’s my own fault– I probably should have looked at the instructions in the store, and then I would have realized that the pattern calls to line the bodice in the same fabric. But I purchased lining fabric. Which I’m glad I did, because this fabric is just sheer enough that lining with the same fabric would result in all sorts of weird pattern-crossing. Still, that skirt piece on the left side of the picture is the end of what I needed to lay out. That rather large expanse in the rest of the picture–at least a solid yard, if not more– is what I’m left with. I’m kind of annoyed, actually, because the fabric for this dress wasn’t an inexpensive purchase. Especially because of the lining fabric– since I’m fully lining the dress instead of just lining down to the midriff piece like the pattern calls for, I sprung for one that was higher quality than the $2-3 a yard stuff, and I have a huge piece of that leftover too. My comfort there is that it’s highly probable I’ll be able to find some use for plain white lining fabric. I really don’t know what to do with this blue and white stuff, though. It’s kind of a lightweight synthetic, so I have my doubts as to how good a bag it’ll make. And yes, I could make a top out of it, likely, but it’s a rather distinctive print, so can I have a top and a dress made out of the same stuff in my wardrobe? What to do?
I haven’t been idle since Sunday. I spent Monday night partially cleaning up my room, and yesterday mostly cleaning up my sewing area. I think I made more progress on the sewing area than the room. I did end up throwing out some likely unusable pieces of scraps, mostly from my trash can…let’s just say it was rather overdue for an emptying. A whole trash bag’s worth of stuff, actually, and I feel rather guilty about it since it’s just going to be sitting in a landfill till kingdom come. But I do have to admit it’s nice to have a cleaner area. And I sort of re-discovered some things I’d been missing– some beads I’d purchased that I couldn’t find for ages, my newer, sharper pair of fabric scissors, things like that. I also found some pieces of fabric while I was rummaging around that are now just screaming at me to make something, anything, out of them. Namely a couple pieces that Mom gave me for Christmas last year that I haven’t used yet. I think I can figure out what to do with the brown striped cotton (it’s actually the brown version of the blue that I used to make the Emily blouse) , and a patterned knit that I have a couple patterns that it might work well with. What’s got me puzzled is this one piece– it’s a brown kind of suedecloth-looking piece, with raised embroidery in the shape of flowers and swirls. So it’s got some pretty nice texture to it. My original thought was a skirt, but now I’m thinking that the texture might actually add visual pounds to my hips, which don’t really need the help. So now I’m thinking maybe a fitted jacket. I guess I’ll have to see what I have in my stash, becuase I looked at the BurdaStyle patterns last night, and none of them look quite right for it. Of course, if I don’t have one, I might be able to adapt a BurdaStyle…
Feeling slightly overwhelmed with craftiness, actually… between the sudden surge of ideas I’ve had in my no-sewing week (and especially after PR last Wednesday), and still having quite a bit of scrapbooking hanging over my head, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get either hobby under control!
There’s a good chance I’ll have another post today– since I don’t have the long day at the garden center on Wednesdays anymore, or band camp, or employee meetings today, or any teaching since I scheduled off Wednesdays due to the original garden center schedule this summer, I have the entire day off! Which means, other than necessary things like playing my flute and doing some laundry, I’m just going to sew all day. Woohoo!

2 thoughts on “A slight miscalcultion, and other ponderings

  1. I think its fine to have more than one peice in your wardrobe of the same material. If you look in the stores, they have various peices in the same or very similar prints. That way you can mix and match. Go ahead!


  2. Anonymous

    Since you use BurdaStyle patterns, why not try for a bolero, or shrug? That way if you find yourself heading to a restaurant known for “chilling” atmosphere, you can eat without too many goosebumbps, Cordially, Nehmah


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