I miss sewing.

In a bad way– I caught myself daydreaming of project possibilities on several occasions over the last couple days of band camp! Blaming Project Runway, as that brought it back to the forefront of my consciousness. I keep mentally reviewing my stash, dreaming of the possibilities that different pieces of fabric in there hold, thinking of projects I’ve been wanting to make for some time, re-evaluating what I want to do with other cuts of fabric…

Yeah. I’m a hopeless addict.

The good news is, my wrists are doing much, much better. Not totally out of the woods yet, but the carpal tunnel pains have nearly gone away entirely again, as has the numb tinglyness! We’ll see how I do tomorrow, after a nine-hour stint at the garden center. I’m still going to be cautious, but I think I should be happily crafting again before long. 🙂

So, in the interest of keeping this post short (especially since I have no pictures to show to make it more interesting), just two things more.

#1: A brief PR recap. I love the unconventional material challenges, so I was quite happy to see they were back at the grocery store. And I’m truly pleased that Kelli’s design won this week– I saw her dying the vaccuum cleaner bags and thought that was just so cool, I would totally wear that fabric, in a way it kind of reminded me of the “Paging Mr. Pollock” print that I used for the Green & Gray Dress. Was also a big fan of Daniel’s plastic cup dress, though I would not want to be the model to wear it! I’m still undecided whether Jerry’s or Blayne’s outift was worse–the Playboy Bunny or the MST3K-esque mad scientist woman? Hmmm….

They actually have an episode synopsis for every show this season up already. Next week’s is supposed to tap into the green movement. This should be interesting…

#2: Now I’m glad I at least skimmed the sewing-specific section of my Bloglines feeds to see what I missed this week–otherwise I wouldn’t have known that I actually got featured in a Threadbanger blog post! It’s on possible projects to do with thrifted button-downs, and somehow they stumbled across my Doolittle Blouse (last item on the list). Guess I should thank Anthropologie for inspiring what seems to be my most popular project on the web… Anyway, there’s some other really fun ideas on there, so you should check out the post.


2 thoughts on “I miss sewing.

  1. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! Carpal is bad enough, but it shouldn’t happen to someone so young. Hope you get back to sewing ASAP!I have to check and see if David Dust has done a recap on PR yet. He always cracks me up, mostly because everything he writes is so on target. I wasn’t surprised the ugly shower curtain raincoat lost. But I honestly didn’t like the one that won. I liked the cup dress, too, but I can see why it didn’t take first. It looked hard to wear. I wonder if it would have been different if he’d used a different material to make a more flaring skirt? Hmmmm…I’m just glad PR is back!


  2. I did (what I thought was) an exhaustive amount of research on refashioning button-down shirts and did not find yours, so thanks for re-linking! I love it — I actually remember that Anthro shirt and loved it — bravo to you for refashioning it so well! And congrats on the shout-out from Threadbanger!


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